Monday, February 28, 2011

Help Fight HPV

A friend gave me this ballpen as a freebie or something like that. At first, its unique style and design caught my attention. The ballpen is shaped like a syringe with some red liquid inside. You will really think of it as one, unless you click the button on top which shows the ballpoint tip :)

Although it may seem like it was just a simple freebie, the ballpen has more to it than just for writing. If you can see, the words "Help Fight HPV" is clearly printed for everyone to take part of this campaign. I do not know anything about HPV, what it is or how it can be stopped, but I think this simple gesture of spreading out the word is enough. So I hope those who will be able to read this will be enlightened as to what HPV is, and spread the word too :)

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