Tuesday, February 15, 2011

KFC Snack Box

I saw the KFC Snack Box on a TV Ad first, and I said to myself that I will try it one of these days. FOr those of you who haven't seen the TV ad yet, the Snack Box is actually composed of KFC fries and Fun Shots (Chicken, you can also choose the spicy one.)

Anyways, here was my order. The price of one box is P50.00 and P70.00 if drinks are included. I have never been a fan of KFC's fries nor chicken, but the advertisement was so convincing so I gave it a try.

 The packaging

The box is not as beautiful and as attractive looking as those found in the TV ad, but its okay. Its just a box anyway. So when I opened the box, it was not full and not as attractive looking again as the ad showed. 

I was sick when I bought this, so I cannot yet say if I like it or not. My taste buds weren't functioning at that time lol. But I know KFC foods taste good. I might buy this again some other time because I really loved the chicken pieces :)

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