Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pizza Hut: Hot or Not?

Last Friday, a friend and I went to eat at Pizza Hut in SM City Cebu. It was my 2nd or 3rd time there and I only came for the pizza.

So we ordered two personal pizzas, a mud pie sunday, a roasted chicken with spaghetti bolognese and bottomless iced tea. And the taste? Here it goes :)

The pizza was okay, but I think I ordered the wrong one haha. Thoose TV ads were not lying when they said the pizza us super cheezy :P but I think I ate too much beef and bacon in my order lol. But overall, I'd say the taste is good and definitely better than the others.

Mud Pie Sunday
I was expecting something more than just a simple and plaausein vanilla ice cream. I thought it would look cool or something because of the name but then I was disappointed. The taste was okay, just like those plain vanilla ice cream from selecta or nestle. But I'd give them a rating of okay because of the presentation :)

Roasted Chicken with Spaghetti Bolognese
This was not my order, but I get to taste it. The chicken was okay, but I think it was not marinated or something as it lacks flavor and taste. The spaghetti was definitely not something I would enjoy. Of course it was bolognese something, but I never thought it would taste that way. I guess I was used tot he typical Filipino style spaghetti. I would definitely not order it again :/

Bottomless Iced Tea
As an iced tea lover, I knew that their iced tea was not something from Nestea. I can easily identify it because of the taste which taste like a herbal drink or something. But since it was served with ice, I still manage to gulp every glass serve. Jeez why did I order bottomless? As a result, I was always at the cr to pee :))

We spent P600.00 for those food only and I must say its quite expensive, given that I was not satisfied with the food. But then again since it was our choice to eat there, we've got nobody to blame. But nevertheless the experience was fun, but this is definitely a lesson to learn.

I was not able to consume the whole pizza, so I brought the other 3 slices (there were 4) to my sister :)

I heated them in the microwave, and they were deli :)

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