Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kawaii Goodies from Mary Rebecca

Hurray! I won again :) I got the email saying I won Mary Rebecca's Birthday Giveaway last January 9 and these came to me on January 27. Pretty fast for shipping from the US.

Want to know what I won? Then continue scrolling =) Hehe I got a total of 4 cute items which I so adore because they are really cute.. And I think these are from her etsy shop so it could probably be handmade <3

Okay so here's what I won: 2 cute hair bows, 1 hamburger ring, 1 mini notepad *u* These are so adorable in person and I have been battling with my little sister because she wants them too.

I didn't even realize this was my second win from her, if she haven't indicated on the note she included. Hmm remember my cute scissors necklace? It was from her shop too. I must be so lucky then to win two giveaways from her =)

Here's the mini notepad that I got. The cover features cute cupcakes with funny faces. I seriously couldn't stop laughing at their expressions. So adorable ^_O

Here's a close up photo of the cupcakes ^^ Haha my ultimate favorite one is the one beside the mustache cupcake. Seriously, would a cupcake have that kind of teeth? Lol so funny haha

Inside, this is how the paper looks like. It reminds me of a graphing paper with all those lines~ I plan to use these for writing stuffs that I have to remember like contact numbers, events and such because I tend to forget things like this.

And there's also a plastic something at the end part of the notepad. I think I'm going to place photos on these plastic ones.

And then here are the two hair bows. I got one in light blue and dark blue. These were the ones my little sister wanted the most so I snatched them away from her because it might end up like the other hair bows I had which she tore and destroyed. But I know she really likes them, but nah these are mine haha :p

Lastly is this cute and super adorable hamburger ring. One would go hungry just by staring at it :D

I asked my mother to wear them for me while I take a photo.. It looks weird on her hand though :P

And there you have it. I am so happy to win it because I wasn't really expecting. Last year was so good to me because I won a lot. Hopefully this year will be wonderful too. Thanks again to Mary Rebecca for my prizes =)


  1. Aww. That notebook is adorbz!!!

  2. Wow lucky girl! These are so cute, congrats!