Saturday, March 26, 2011

5 Ways to Rock the Ponytail this Spring 2011

Love wearing your hair in ponytails? Then here are 5 of the hottest hair style that you can try this Spring of 2011 :)

  1. Soft and Low—The low ponytail looks best when it’s a little loose and romantic.
  2. Sleek and High—This ponytail definitely reminds us of Madonna in her ‘90s-dominatrix day, but it’s also an easily achieved, night-out look.
  3. Slick, Low, and Parted—Adding a defined side part will modernize and add a sporty vibe to a sleek, low ponytail.
  4. The Lived-In Look—Mess things up a bit and embrace the deconstructed pony. Add a sea spray or texturizing gel to damp hair and rough dry.
  5. Keep the Curls—Go for a loose, romantic pony; a side, over-the-shoulder pony; or add volume at the crown and secure it in the middle of the head.
Personally, I like the cool and messed up look though I barely put up my hair in a knot. But I think the curls are pretty too :D

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