Monday, March 21, 2011

I Won an eBook Copy of Amy Blackwelder's The Shifters of 2040

I love to read. I don't know if most people notice this but my school librarian certainly does. During break time, I am always at the library reading novels, books fictions and stories. At home, I also have a few books and novels that I bought because I wanted to read them.I can read an entire book a day! Those Harry Potter books took only a day or two to read. I think I am a fast reader and can easily comprehend on the story I am reading :P

So anyways, in lieu of St. Patrick's Day, a lot of bloggers have been doing blog giveaways with lots of books as the prizes. The reader in me immediately got hold of the opportunity to win awesome books for free, and so I joined in as much as I could. Although I was a bit sad because most of them are US only, but still there were a few international ones.

One of the contests I joined was The Shifters of 2040 by Amy Blackwelder Giveaway hosted by aobibliophile. I got the email today saying I was one of the three lucky winners! You cant imagine the smile on my face reading the said mail :D I won an eBook Copy of  The Shifters of 2040 by Amy Blackwelder. I can't wait to read it haha. I might do a book review on it after I finish reading :)

Again, thanks to aobibliophile for this chance to read again another book :)


  1. HI Jel,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and entering to win the sushi socks. I agree with you. sushi looks so good on the dishes and it is presented in such a way that it looks like art.

    Good Luck.