Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 17 — Fashion Pieces That's On Your To-Buy List

I've been wanting and planning to buy clothes and other items online but can't push through with it because I haven't set up my PayPal account yet. But I have been keeping my eyes on these stuffs online for like months already lol. Anyone care to sponsor me? Haha

My Fashion Wish List

First on the list would be this Heart Tights. I've been wanting this since last year and was not able to find one here. Then some online friends told me I can find one on the ASOS site, and sure enough I found this lovely piece. This Gypsy Sheer Heart Tights costs £7.00 and Im starting to save for these :)

Also, I want a new pair of doll shoes. I have been thinking about buying one from Vans but then since I will soon be working, I realized that maybe I should buy something that I can use at work. I have been on ASOS' site for like forever and I am loving their items, specially this cute doll shoes. I would really buy this ASOS Dandy Canvas Ballet Shoes, but I think £20.00 is too much for my pocket :/

Lastly, I would like to purchase a necklace. Not those gold and real ones, but a fashion necklace will do. I want a natural and cool chic look and this Angie Gooderham Heart Pendant Necklace is just the perfect thing! Its now only £20.00, but still expensive :D

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