Friday, March 18, 2011

Heart Necklace

I bought this fashion necklace with a heart pendant at a local shop when I went with my parents for their Dentist Appointment at the Mall. I was actually looking for earrings because I was planning to have a second piercing. So I went to ask my mother's permission and she said NO :( Although I really wanted to have one, its not really something I wish to do. Maybe just because I see most people with second piercings that's why I thought of getting one too :D

 The heart pendant :3

Anyways, I did not regret following my mother. Instead I got myself this cute necklace! Its quite pretty and cute for me, although its fashion only, but still I like it :)


  1. Ahh this necklace is cute! :)
    I have a secnd ear piercing since more than 5 years. My mom too said no but I troubled her till she agreed. Also I am happy that you have disqus comments on your blog now :D

  2. im not sure but i think in other countries having many ear piercings are okay or part of traditions? i wanted to have so badly to be cool haha lol but my parents said that companies wont accept me for a job if i have a 2nd piercing