Thursday, March 24, 2011

In the Mail Today {03-24-2011}

I woke up to a text on my cellphone saying that I have 3 packs waiting for me at the post office. I had no idea what it was because shipping to the Philippines takes about a month or so that's why I could not anymore keep track of what I'm waiting for :D So yeah I immediately went to the post office to see what's waiting for me. When I arrived, I saw 3 small packs with my name. It say's its from Singapore but there's a stamp saying Hongkong Post or something. I dont know why its like that and I did not bother asking. 

Looking at the three identical small packages I was wondering what the hell could that be? I even thought they were contact lenses but then I could not think of something or someone who would be the reason for contact lenses to be sent to me. To think the packages were marked "electronics". It was only when I opened them did I know what they were. Do you have any idea? Well, here they are :)

 I tried ordering one only but idk why it arrived in three :P Thanks again!

My rhinestones! They were pretty messed up because of the travel I think but I can just sort them out easily :)

 I love its packaging, very cute and easy to open too.

I got my rhinestones from BornPrettyStore :P I've been wanting them for ages and finally they are here, not to mention in 3 packs! Haha I never thought I'd get them. Im still waiting for my Hello Kitty Plate though Im not sure if I made it through the orders. Thanks a lot BornPrettyStore ! Now I can style my nail with rhinestones :)

I'll post a NOTD soon when I have a free time to deco art my nails :)

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