Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Battle of IT Schools

So last Saturday, I got the chance to join in a quiz bowl. It was held at SM City Cebu and we were three in the group. It was called WWW or War of Wizards and Witches.

The host was very funny, she/he resembled my favorite comedienne Vice Ganda! Haha When she/he interviewed me I was always laughing and I looked like stupid in front of the video camera but I dont care because I really enjoyed the spoofs and all.

Another part of the event was the thesis presentation and three of my classmates were there to represent our school. They did an auction like site for a car company here in Cebu.

Although they did not win for the said category, we were still happy because we were able to experience that. But for the quiz bowl, me and my mates won as the Champions :D Yeah I dont know how we did it, maybe it was pure luck. The topics were general information and we did not bother to study nor read so all was just pure stock knowledge, luck and God's will :) We won Php 5,000.00 and the plaque while our school got a 1TB hard disk and our adviser got Php 2,000.00

Our plaque :)

 Certificate :)

All in all, I enjoyed the event and had fun. Thanks to all the free foods and items!

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  1. What a discovery I got here. I am glad you are had fun with the host. It's me, Liam. Vice Ganda, ei? jejejejeje. Thanks for remembering. Send me an e-mail via yumsler@yahoo.com. Thanks. Have a great day always. :)