Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Princess (Korean Drama)

When I first saw the trailer on ABS-CBN days ago, I instantly remembered Princess Hours which was also another kdrama from the same station. I was reminded because of the word princess and the way the trailer was shown or told, I then concluded that the story is similar in content to Princess Hours. The male leading character Song Seung-Heon also caught my attention because he looks so familiar but I cant seem to place his face till I researched on him and realized that he was the one who played the role of Johnny in Autumn Tale or Endless Love I.

Song Seung-Heon in Endless Love

Song Seung-Heon in My Princess

As for the female lead, it was Kim Tae-Hee from Endless Love II or Winter Sonata. So that's why their faces were so familiar because I've seen them before. She's pretty but I dont consider her as one of my favorite Korean Actress :P

Kim Tae-Hee in Endless Love II

Kim Tae-Hee in My Princess

So right now I am watching the drama series online as I might not be able to watch it on TV. I love watching kdramas with themes and stories like this because it appeals to me because I love Romantic Comedy. Here are a few scenes from the drama series which will make you want to watch it :)

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