Sunday, July 3, 2011

Beauties in my mail

Hey guys! Yez so I've been like not posting for a few days not because I'm busy but its just that I can't find any motivation to finish a post haha, and I have a lot of drafts waiting to be finished lol. So anyways today I'll just show you what came in the mail last Friday :) There were 4 packages in all, 3 international and 1 local.

First up are the international packages that I received, two of which were from my sponsors KKcenterhk and DBeautyShop and the other one was something I bought from Born Pretty Store. Here's a photo of the packages.

[L] Bottom Lashes from KKcenterhk, [M] Eyeshadow from Born Pretty Store, [R] Bonita Brown Contact Lens from DBeautyShop

#17 Bottom Lashes (10 Pairs)

Bonita Brown Contact Lens + Cute Animal Lens Case

Eyeshadow Palette with one shade broken :/

As for the 4th package, its a prize that I won from a twitter giveaway/contest. The prize was a blush from MaybellinePH.

Yay~ I really love getting stuffs in the mail ^_^ If you want to see more of these beauties, swatches and reviews will be posted in the coming days so please stay tuned for that. Have a nice day!


  1. I love getting stuff in my mail too! It`s so exiting! 

  2. same here, it makes me happy too :)