Saturday, July 16, 2011

Review + Tutorial: Nail Foil Stickers from Born Pretty Store {NOTD}

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you are all doing fine and enjoying your Saturday night :)

Today I'm going to show you a nail art that I did yesterday using the Nail Foil Sticker that I got from Born Pretty Store when they had their contest. They always have freebies and contests for everyone, so if in case you are interested, here are a few that are still on going:

I received my  Nail Foil Sticker last Wednesday, and I just had the chance to try them out last night. At  first I wasn't really sure about how it's gonna work as it is my first time to use such item, but with the help of the instructions at the back of the pack I think I was able to manage it well :P

The designs were given in random, so I had no idea what's it going to be for me. So when it arrived, I was surprised because it turns out to be a very pretty and girly one! Haha

Like I said, the design was something girly, and I love it because it has hearts on it :)

Cute packaging ^_^

And since this is my first time to use this one, I just had to read instructions about this product. Good thing the instruction at the back was in English, so I was able to understand the process.

The photo is quite blurry so I'll just make my own instructions below, in accordance with how I did mine. I hope its understandable though :P

16 pcs in one pack

Told you the design was just so girly and cute. Haha. Also it was wrapped nicely so the foils stickers were in place and in good condition too.

The nail foil stickers came to me in good condition. The packaging of the items were very nice and secure, so that the stickers inside will not be damaged. I remember there was also a bubble wrap in the package, so that gives it maximum security though the package was very light and thin.

Closer look at the design

Overall, I am very happy with the product. I am still on my second day of having this on my nails and so far so good. I have been doing heavy work using my hands and its nice to see that it wasn't peeling of. My hands are a bit dirty though because of the dust but no damage has been done to the foil stickers. It's pretty durable and has a good quality, plus the design is absolutely pretty. Id truly recommend this product to any nail enthusiast who doesn't have the luxury of time to do their nails because this one is so easy to use and can be done in just a few minutes.
The Nail Foil Sticker is available in many different designs. You can check them out HERE, and purchase them if you like them :) Individual price per pack is $5.37, free shipping. For that price range, I think this one is a very good steal :)

And now for the tutorial (or whatever it is called, haha sorry I'm no pro at this)...

  1. First, make sure that your hands and nails are clean.

  2. Then open the pack and take out the stickers.

  3. Choose which nail sticker is the closest in size to your finger nails and start sticking them. 

  4. If there are excess parts, cut them using scissors or a nail file to ensure that the nails are covered properly and that there are no extra foil stickers around your nails.

And that's it! Pretty simple and easy to do right? I think the only thing that will be the problem here is how to make it fit to your nails without any extra or excess stickers around. It might take a lot of time to perfect it for most beginners but practice will surely make your attempts perfect :) Mine does not look perfect either hahaha

Want to see what I mean with the "not perfect" attempt? Beware though, I think it does not look good :P And also, please dont mind the excess stickers around the nails. These are the best that I could do at 2AM haha

Photo taken with Flash

 Uneven :|

This photo looks nice :P

Thanks for reading my blog post for today. And thanks to Born Pretty Store for this awesome freebie! I just love them because they are so generous to us bloggers who want to try out their products.


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