Friday, July 8, 2011

Review - Sexy eye shadow palette #04 from Born Pretty Store

Time really flies by, and now its already almost half of July. Hey guys, how have you been? Although I haven't been posting anything for days, I am not busy at all. I just wasn't in a mood to write a blog post so yeah sorry for that ;)

Okay so last week, I already received my sexy eye shadow palette in #04 that I ordered online from Born Pretty Store. For an international shipping, it was quite fast because it arrived in less than a month, which makes me one happy kid :D

I opened it immediately because I'm very excited about my first ever eyeshadow palette. But I was quite sad when I saw the item because one shade was broken :/ Although I can blame it on the store because its not their fault, it could have been the shipping process. What makes me even more sad was that after I swatched the colors, I realized that my favorite shade was actually the one broken. Errr this is my first time receiving something in the mail that has a defect lol.

Okay enough of the sad face, now lets go to the fun part: PHOTOS :)

Dirty and messy because of the broken shade :(

It has a small mirror! Cool :P


Four shades =)

Aaaaah! I can't bear to see the damage :c

Product Description
  • Nests in box with applicator and mirror
  • Color - 4 mix color as the picture shows
  • Perfect for both Professional Salon and Home use! 
  • Compact size: easy to carry out and put inside your handbag
  • High quality

First 2 shades, without flash

First 2 shades, with flash

Last 2 shades, without flash


I really love the shades, especially the first and the last one. The first shade, the one that was broken, was very pigmented! Just one apply would show a very vivid and nice color already. Although the rest of the colors are also pigmented, I think it would be best to apply more than just once for the colors to show properly.

     Color : 5/5
     Quality : 5/5
     Overall Rating : I love it!

This eyeshadow palette is very affordable as it costs only $2.60, free shipping! If you like this product, purchase it HERE.


  1. SunnydaysandstarrynightsJuly 10, 2011 at 8:22 AM

    Very pretty.  Sorry it was broken.  :(

    P.S. We are having a giveaway on our blog.  I hope you will jump over and enter.

  2. omigosh, that site has free shipping? I love how metallic the colors are :)

  3. yeah.. sad that it was broken too, but still its okay because its still pretty even if it was broken :)

  4. yup yup. you better check them out. super affordable items and free shipping ;)