Monday, July 11, 2011

False Eyelashes Review - A17 Bottom Lashes from Kkcenterhk

The false eyelashes I used in this post was provided by Kkcenterhk. Though this is a sponsored post, all opinions stated here are mine and are 100% honest.

Kkcenterhk has contacted me again to tell me about their newly added products on their website. They were also kind enough to let me choose one product to test and review. The choices were among false eyelashes, and the ones I chose was the A17 bottom lashes.

 A17 Bottom Lashes

The box contains 10 pretty pairs of bottom lashes, as shown above. All lashes were in good condition except for one piece, which was slightly damaged, maybe due to production or something. The box also came with a slight dent on it but nevertheless the lashes were perfectly safe because it was safely packed in a bubble wrap

Product Description
  • Lots Of 10 Pairs
  • Brand New In Retail Packaging
  • Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Attractive
  • Can Be Re-use If You Take Them Off Carefully
  • False Eyelash With Box Package
  • Suitable For Any Personage
  • Can Be Used Party Or Professional Make Up
One piece was damaged :(

I then examined the lashes if they have the same quality as that of the upper lashes I previously have (and still haven't finished reviewing lol sorry). I noticed that this bottom lashes have nylon bands, unlike the upper lashes.

 Can you see the nylon band?

I had quite a hard time putting it on because the nylon wouldn't cooperate with me! Haha. It just keeps on coming off, but nevertheless I was able to manage a few shots before it totally went off, but still the photo was a mess though.

So pretty!

I also did an experiment by cutting a piece into two pieces so that I can use one piece for two eyes. It turned out pretty well, I just have to make sure that the nylon band keeps intact.

I cut one piece into two

And now here's me wearing a bottom lash on one eye. Sorry for the crappy photo :)

I think you can still see on the end part that the nylon is starting to come off? Haha yeah, like I said nylon was very hard to deal with as it keeps on coming off grrr.

View from below

It looks very pretty in any angle, and if you look at it from below you will see that its quite thick and dark. 

  • Pretty design
  • Can enlarge the eyes, making it look bigger
  • Reusable
  • Very affordable for a box of ten pairs
  • Nylon band
     Color : 5/5
     Quality : 4/5
     Overall Rating : I love it!

The A17 bottom lashes is available online at for only $12.50 for a box of 10 pairs. You can check them out HERE.


  1. I also am getting some bottom lashes! I shall see how they work for me :)

  2. yey. haha do show us some photos when you get them :)

  3. aww :3 you are such a sweet bf, your girl is lucky to have you :)