Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review: Rhinestones and Hello Kitty Nail Sticker from Born Pretty Store {NOTD}

Remember the Hello Kitty Nail Sticker and Rhinestones that I got from Born Pretty Store? I am going to show 2 nail arts that I have done using them :) They are just simple and pretty simple to do, so you can easily do them at home in just a few minutes.

First up is this Hello Kitty inspired nail art that I have using my Hello Kitty Nail Sticker. I used a pink nail polish which is slightly glittery, so it sparkles like a princess haha

The stickers were packaged properly, so I got no problem with it. It can be removed easily from the sheet, and you can also stick it back in the plastic sheet. There were 4 different sticker designs in one pack, so that would be more or less 50 nail stickers! That's pretty much a lot already.

The nail stickers were of good quality, and were not easily removed on my nails. It was only after a week that they started to come out mainly because my hands were always wet, so I guess that triggered the removal of the stickers. But all in all I can say that it is very much worth the price that you have to pay because it is very pretty and durable. But then that would still depend on how you will take good care of your nails.

Very much affordable, plus you can get discounts if you buy a lot.

Overall Verdict:
I love this product very much. If you don't have much time and wanted to do something to your nail, this is the quickest and best option for you. Nail art stickers can easily make your nails pretty and beautiful with just one stick! A pack would cost only $2.88, plus its free shipping so its really a very good steal already. If you want to try them out, you can purchase them HERE :)

Up next would be my nail art design using the rhinestones that I got still from BPS. There were really a lot of them so I haven't used up the whole box. I have tried using them before and now I have again another design with the use of the rhinestones.

The rhinestones are very pretty, and for only $3.88, you can already create a lot of designs because the box has a lot of rhinestones in it. Its also free shipping so its just so cheap for such a beautiful and nice quality item. Want to purchase them? Just go HERE :)


  1. BornPretty's staff are so generous, right? I love the HK stickers

  2. super generous i must say. they really take time and effort to distribute free stuffs to people, which made them one of the best shops for me ;P