Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I love books, got two new ones =)

I have always been a book work. I love reading books, whether thick or thin ones, regardless of the genre for as long as the story captivates my liking. And since I am no longer in school, I can't read books that much since I cant spend money on them (I'm broke like that), and I have already read my little book collection at home a hundred times. That's why I love to join book giveaways on many blogs so that I'll still be able to read books if I win :)

Up to date, I think I've won maybe more or less 10 books, both paperback and e-books. As for the paperback, I have received only four books at the moment though I'm pretty much sure that I won more than 4 paperback copies :|

Anyways back to the books, I got two lovelies last week and this week. The first one was a copy of  Sweet Valley High Confidential by Francine Pascal, which was delivered straight to my house (which is not common for packages here in the Philippines, unless of course its the more expensive couriers). I was shocked to receive it because I couldn't remember winning it. I even searched through my e-mail to check where it could be but I didn't find anything. What made the book even more special was that it had a written note saying: Free Proof Copy - Not for Sale or Quotation. Hmmm I must have gotten it for free indeed. Haha I'm not bothered whether I won it or not, I'm just happy to have a copy. I could still remember how exciting the whole series was for me way back then. I used to sneak in to my cousin's house just to read SVH books :P

I have finished reading this book already, and I might review it. I was really really mad at Jessica while reading this book, and also to Todd. I hate both of them. I can relate with this book because of the hatred that Elizabeth is feeling. Okay enough about the book, review will be in another post so stay tuned :)

As for the second book, its a copy of Settling by Shelley Workinger. I have won this one last week, and after 7 days I got the book. Now that's super fast shipping, considering the author sent this via a cheaper courier only. Haha

I've started reading the book, and I'm on chapter six (page 51). So far, I am loving the story. I've read in blogs about the previous book called Solid, saying how much good it was. Sadly I don't have a copy of that previous story, but because of what people are saying about it I pretty much have an idea already. After I read this I will do a review on it too, so watch for it too :)

P.S. if you know any blog who's having an international book giveaway, please let me. I would really love to win books because I super love reading and I wouldn't mind a life without a computer, as long as I have a huge library of books. Also, if there are any authors out there who would want me to review their books, just let me know. Although I would prefer paperback copies because it would be easy and fast to read them, I wouldn't mind e-books too :) Thanks!

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