Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Nail Polishes + an NOTD

It's been a while since I last did an NOTD post, so today's post will be about nail polishes. First, I'll start off by showing two new nail polishes that I bought from a local shop. These are Made in the Philippines too. 

I forgot the names of the shades that I got but the green sparkly one is from a local brand called Clik, while the white one is from a brand called Rain. These are super cheap and affordable, that's why I really won't mind buying a lot of colors at once.

This green sparkly nail polish has glitters all over it. When painted on the nails, its actually more of a top coat because it is colorless, the only difference is that it has glitters sprinkled all over. It also has a few stars in the bottle, which I find cute :)

 Stars <3

The other one that I bought was a white one. I don't really buy white nail polishes because I don't use them for base, but since I have a lot of nail art designs in mind that uses white nail polishes, I have then opted to buying one.


I mentioned that these were cheap ones right? Yes, both bottles did not even reached $1. Super save for a broke girl like meh haha.

And as for my NOTD, I had to do a fast one so I only had my nails painted with white nail polish and topped with the green glittery nail polish. Super simple and super not me, but nah I had to rush it because I am going out and I can't live with my nails bare.

Picture taken with Flash

Now I'm not sure if the glitters are clear on the photos, but in reality its there. I also tried putting in the stars but opted not too because I had the wrong side of the stars on my nails and it will just end up being taken off when my nails get tangled with my hair for example. Just a simple nail polish will do, for a change :)

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