Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Awesome Packages - Part 1

I received five packages from the Post Office the other day. I was quite overwhelmed because it was the first time that I received that much in one day. Most of the items were my giveaway prizes that I have won last April. I'm still waiting for a lot of items though. So now I'm going to show you what arrived in the mail today ^_^

 Pink Knitted Cap

Kawaii ^_^

I won this cute pink dress on Etsy Russian Team's blog. I showed the prize to my little sister and she likes it very much, especially the pink cap :3 Here's a few snap shots of her cam whoring haha

Hahaha. And although we don't have winter here, I think this would still be handy especially during the rainy seasons :) Thanks again to the Etsy Russian Team and Lyudmila :)

For more info about this item, please feel free to check out Lyudmila's creations.

P.S. She also included a few pocket calendars :D

Necklace from Sey Studios

Next would be this cute and hippy necklace from Ashleymarie of Sey Studios. I had no idea what the prize would be as it was a secret. So when I finally got it, I was surprised and happy because I love fashion necklaces. And this one is made of glass or something, I'm not sure.

 Err. my sister keeps on messing up. Haha

Thank you Miss Ashleymarie and the people from KPB for this cute necklace. I love wearing it :) Also, you can have a look at Miss Ashleymarie's etsy shop called Sey Studios. She's got tons of fab items there. Pretty unique ^^

I still have three items left to show, and will do so in the next blog post :)

This is not a sponsored post. I did not receive anything else from them aside from the giveaway prizes that I am talking about here. It was my choice to blog about the items and mention them as well.

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  1. yay everything is so great! :) very lovely prizes! hope you have a great weekend!