Sunday, May 29, 2011

NOTD: Aqua Jean Nail Polish with Rhinestones from Born Pretty Store

Yesterday I bought another nail polish because I felt like the ones I had were already old and they look boring to me. I got myself a cheap bottle of nail polish because I'm broke haha. The label says the color/shade is Aqua Jean. Quite unique name for a shade of nail polish. I tried it on last night and I was happy with the result. It looked kind of pastel-ish to me, which I prefer because of the spring/summer season. Also, since it was looking so kind of plain, I decided to decorate it with rhinestones, the one I got from Born Pretty Store :)

Okay so I started my nails with the Aqua Jean Nail Polish as the base. I tried one coat and since it was kind of not enough for me so I gave it another coating. I just had 2 coats as I was already happy with the outcome.

Aqua Jean Nail Polish - one coating only.

Since I'm still a newbie when it comes to rhinestone decos, I just had the usual and I think the simpliest design- flowers :D

 Lol my cellphone's got animal printed

Kawaii ^_^

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