Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lucky Star Necklace Charm

Hi :) Sorry for being MIA, I had just started my training for work last Monday and I am on the night shift. Blogging in the morning is not too good also because I will be sleeping most of the time. But I've got Saturdays and Sundays off work so I'll be able to blog by then. 

This morning I woke up to the sound of the post man screaming my name. I was excited and shocked so I woke up immediately and run outside. I was handed a paper envelope package. I had no idea what's inside as there was no indication so I went to open it, and saw a very cute small envelope with a doily like paper as the lock or something (yeah I'm a sucker for cute things like cute packages haha).

I still had no idea what it was really, but I have been guessing its a necklace. So when I opened the envelope I smiled because I saw something purple. I knew it had to be my giveaway prize :)

A month ago I entered a giveaway hosted by Etsy Latino. The prize was a Lucky Star Necklace in winner's choice of color, from MorningBlossom. Luckily, I won and chose a purple Lucky Star Necklace as the prize.

And now for the photo spam...

 A note to say... Thank you :)

 This card is the cutest ever!

 The pendant :3

Again, huge thanks to MorningBlossom and Etsy Latino for my necklace :) Haven't worn it yet, but I will tonight on my work. Have a nice day!

Disclaimer: This blog post was NOT sponsored by any of the above mentioned shops/blog. This post is also not an advertisement of any sort and I was not paid to write this post. It was entirely my choice and decision to blog and mention the above stated shops/blog.

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