Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Hair Cut == FAIL :| + My Hair Extension Faves from

Finally, after a year.. I now have a new hair cut. I was really looking forward to it because I know I'll look different. So I went to this salon and had my hair cut. But the result did not please me :| Yes, I am super mad and angry and !@#$%^&. I want my hair back! But I know its impossible... Unless someone would be kind enough to sponsor me some extensions :) I really want my long hair back because this new one is killing me.. I've browse through's hair extensions and they are really pretty, but sad to say I cant afford it :/

I miss my long hair =(

Although my old hair is not that fab or something, the thing is I still love it because its long.. But now its gone. Err stupid me :( Extensions please....!

A comparison of my hair before and after the hair cut :(

In the photo you can't see much of the difference, but in reality it is very different! I don't think I can sleep well tonight because of this hair :(

Also, here are the extensions from that I was talking about. I know they are really pricey but I just cant get enough of them coz they are just so pretty and exactly what I need. I recently got a sponsorship on one of their lenses and I hope I'll get an extension too =) (keeping my fingers crossed on this!)

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