Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Korean Beauty Product Samples from iheartkoreanbeauty

I am currently into Korean beauty products, specifically BB Creams, Toners, Facial Wash, Masks and many more ever since I started reading other blogger's blog. And since we don't have most of the products that they use here in the Philippines, I can't really try and see for myself the results of such amazing products. As of now, I can only think of Etude House as the only Korean Beauty Product store that's here in Cebu.

So anyways, I found this Korean Beauty Product Store online that sells items that I have been dying to try. iheartkoreanbeauty is an online shop that sells beauty products from Korea mostly. These are the things you see on TV being used by these pretty and handsome Koreans ^_^ Aside from selling items, they are also willing to send customers samples of products that they want to try. The samples are absolutely free, but you have to pay for the shipping and an additional $1 for the packaging :) And since I really wanted to try a few products, I immediately ordered samples worth $6 or something. The packaged arrived within a week which was very very fast already! I have already tried using few of the products and I will review them as soon as I can :)

Anyways, here is a rundown of what I got. I'll just list them first here and show photos. A detailed discussion on each will just follow on my reviews =)
  • Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off
  • Baviphat BB Magic Girls
  • St. Herb Rose Micro Whip Foam (Firming)
  • Jasmine Water BB Cream SPF 30
  • Gold Caviar BB Cream SPF 50
  • Holika Holika All that BB SPF 27
  • Holika Holika Baby Bloom Moisture BB Cream SPF 25
  • Gem Miracle Diamond Cutting V Lifting Toner
  • Gem Miracle Diamond Cutting V Lifting Emulsion
  • Innisfree Olive Real Skin
  • Innisfree Olive Real Lotion


Okay so I think thats all :) Im really excited to try all of them and see the results. Watch out for reviews =)


  1. A year ago, I bought Invel Skin Care, but have been unable to find it again. It was in Thailand but said that it was made with Miracle Korean water. any guesses where I might start?

  2. Hi. :) I was looking for a korean store that sells samples and i want to try first too before i'll buy.thanks for this! :) followed you on GFC. :)