Wednesday, October 26, 2011

15 pcs. Nail Art Design Brush from Born Pretty Store

Yay my nail art brushes are finally here ;) I ordered them from Born Pretty Store last October 1st, but since they were on a holiday till the 7th, the item was shipped on the 8th and arrived in about two weeks time which is faster than usual international shipping. I got them for only $4.74, plus free shipping yey! 

As usual the packaging was pretty neat, although I found some dent on the brushes but nah, never mind the damages. It wouldn't affect the brushes so its okay.

Say hello to my 15 pcs. Nail Art Design Brushes :D They came in a transparent pouch and the tips were also covered in plastic to ensure that the brushes wont be damaged.

15 looks like a lot in my opinion, and I'm excited about trying out each and every brush. I never thought there could be this many kind and styles for nail art brushes. Anyways, here are the contents of the brush set: 3 drawing tools, 7 painting tools, 2 liners, 1 dotting tool, and 2 fan brushes for nail art effect. I've never heard or seen about the fan brushes, but they look cool to me.

I am so excited about the items so let me show how extremely happy I am when I got them by showing you the photos I took =) I took two shots for each but the macro shots were a little bad so excuse them ;)

Now I am really super happy about the purchase I made. I was skeptical at first because I dont know if I'll be able to use them, and I dont want to waste money. But now that they are here I'm just glad. So now I'll say goodbye first because I am off to do my nails :D Haha will show some creations soon, bye <3

P.S. If you plan to buy this and other stuffs on Born Pretty Store don't forget to use the coupon code JELL73 so that you'll get 10% OFF your purchase ;)

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