Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pink + Green = Love

Hey gals. Today I'm going to show to you my nails~ Ive had this for 3 days already and I'm very happy because its still intact, no chipping and falling of deco. This is my first attempt with 3D Nail Art, because most of my works are only the usual nail art design done by nail polishes and stickers. Though I've tried rhinestones before but this is totally something new to me and I hope you'll love it =)

So to start with, I painted my nails using the newest nail polish I mentioned in my Watsons Haul post. Its actually a pastel pink nail polish which I got for 50% off. This is two coats of the pink nail polish named Piolo Pastel.

Its a light pink, which fades out to a cute pastel shade. Its a girly pink that most girls will surely love ^_^

And now for the 3D design, I used one of the Nail Goodies that I recently bought, the green 3D Nail Art Stars. I chose it because pink and green is my favorite color =)

Pink + Green = Love

I kept the design just simple because I was still testing out if the deco wouldn't fall of my nails just like the rhinestones. As you can see I only used top coat to make the deco stick to my nails. These are lighter than the rhinestones so maybe that's why they hold on to my nails better.

adorable nails ^_*

I still have a lot of these decos and I cant wait to try out other designs I have in mind =) Hope you love my nails ;)


  1. Ooh, this nail art is perfection - I LOVE! :)

  2. thanks dear ;) it gives me inspiration hearing other people saying good things about my creations

  3. oh wow, looking through this makes me think of previous when i use these items to decorate my nails (:, it cute!!

    CMPang x

  4. Very pretty!