Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Goodies

Last week I received my fall goodie bag from Say Gifts as I won one of the giveaways. The items are super cute and are "fall" inspired. *sigh* I wish we have that season here too :/ But anyways on to the prizes, here they are :3

Autumn Goodie Bag <3

The prize came in a cute autumn inspired paper bag. The handle of the paper bag also have some words written on it and I find it pretty too. Check out its pretty design on the photo below.

Taaadaa~ my prizes are inside :)

What I won: Acorn Candle, Fall Inspired Coaster and a Sanitizer from Bath and Body 

Cute coaster, sorry for the blurry photo :[

Label says its pumpkin, lol but it smells so good :)

And my favorite item of all, the candle haha

nom nom looks delicious but nah, its not food. Its a candle haha

Im very happy with what I won. I'm thinking of burning the candle this Halloween but decided not to ruin its cut eshape. Id rather display it on our living room ;)

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