Monday, October 17, 2011

Goodies for my Nails

Last week my mother asked me to buy something that she needs from a local store. As I was on my way to the counter to pay for the item, something glittery caught my eyes. I instantly stopped and picked it up and here's what I found.

Nail Art Decos ^_^

Ive been looking for these for a while already and I was even close to buying it online. Good thing I did that errand, else I wouldn't be able to see them. Haha

There are six small containers inside one box which costs $1.39 (Php60). If I buy it in retail it would cost $0.35 (Php15) each, so buying the whole box saved me $0.70 (Php30) :)

There's also an instruction written in poor English at the box. I tried reading it but nah, the instructions failed so I didn't bother reading it lol.

Okay so here goes some photo spam of what I bought. I really loved them and my favorite are the stars <3 Can't wait to use them on my nails.

Yellow Flowers

White Hearts

Silver Flowers?

Blue Stars

Green Stars

Red Flowers

The blue and green stars actually comes in two forms, one solid star and the other is an outline of a star. I would have wanted for the hearts to be solid too but since the only thing available are the outline ones I had no choice. The flowers are pretty cute too. I might even use the flowers for decoden purposes on my cellphone.

I'm not sure if these can be considered as 3D nail art, but in a way it could be because it has 3 dimensions right?

What do you think of nail art? Are they cool or what? Me personally I love them on my nails because it makes my nails look cooler and uhm well unique than the normal nail polishes.


  1. they look so cool! I've been eying some like this at ebay, they sure are an easy way to pump up a manicure. the pink polish looks gorgeous on you :D

  2. thanks ^^. yez i agree with these stuffs decorating your nails can be so easy. i just saw that Born Pretty Store also has these decos on sale, you might want to check them out HERE =)