Saturday, October 8, 2011

Recent Buys

It has been raining for days and I feel so tired to do anything. Good thing I finally had time to go with the mother to shop for stuffs before the rainy days started pouring. I only bought a few stuffs, and I'm going to post them today ^_^

Small haul :P

First up is this oil-ish stuff from eRAse solution. I have been using this for months and I can really attest to its effectiveness! I already have a lot of empty bottles and I'll continue to buy this product ^_^ Hmmm I might just do a review on this so that you guys can check it out too.

eRAse Solution 

The next two stuffs are something that I really did not intend to buy. I actually didn't even plan it but when I saw them online at a very reasonable price I knew I had to get it, and so I did bwahah >:) Now I am happy I got it because I really love them <3

I don't like lipstick because its sticky and all but this NYX Round Lipstick is not sticky at all. After application I couldn't feel that I'm wearing it so it was comfy imo. I got a shade which is not too bold, just a natural shade that nobody would even know I had lipstick on me.

NYX Round Lipstick in Sunflower

Love the packaging coz you can see the shade at the bottom

And I also got a lip gloss in shade True Red. I'm still skeptical about wearing bold colors like red and such so I reckon a lip gloss might be a good start, thus the red color that I chose to buy.

NYX Round Lip gloss in True Red

The last two stuffs are new in my stuffs, but I've seen them before. I just wasn't interested in them as I am now before because I thought they were just another of "those" products who promises this and that but doesn't work at all. I'm still going to try them out and I hope I find them to my liking.

I wanted a nose pack with the peeling effect so I gave this iWhite Nose Pack a try. I remember using these before and I could sense that peeling them would hurt :O

iWhite Nose Pack

Last is this whitening pack from iWhite still. Lol I didn't know why I bought this when I know for a fact that whitening doesn't happen in seconds, unless of course you undergo medical operation. Haha but since I wanted something to go with the nose pack so I just grab this one too. I'm not hoping to get white you know, maybe just a little lighter :P

iWhite Whitening Pack

And that's it. I plan to review these items soon, I hope I don't get lazy. I just hate the rainy seasons because I can't seem to do anything basically because I'm too tired and damn lazy to even move a finger :D


  1. i hope to see some swatches ;) nice finds :)

  2. how do you use your erase solution? i have that too but it only darken my scars T_T i thought there is something wrong on the amount of how i apply it for myself.

    i do follow you! hope you follow me too

  3. hello jel! ^_^, naku to be honest kaya nga di pa ako bumili nung lipglass kasi may nkita akong alternative my lipglass din kasi ang hbc if i'm not mistaken heheh panigurado mas mura un hehe after all it's the impact/quality that matter :) hope you don't mind if i speak in tagalog hehe

    **ow nag pe-peal pala talaga siya kapag nagamit. yung nangyari kasi sa akin nag peal tapos nag sugat ulit tapos parang nasunog kasi nag dark :(
    pero gusto ko parin ulit gamitin kasi madami tlga akong naririnig na good reviews baka mali lang talaga suguro ako mag apply.

    thanks for following back :) you made my day ^__^

  4. hehe no problem sis ^^ gusto ko rin kc mgbasa ng mga blogs ng fellow pinoy. i love new friends :)