Friday, October 14, 2011

Circle Lenses Review: Coming Soon

Its been a month since I got the lenses that gave me for review purposes, and I still haven't posted it. I promise to have them up soon, but for now I'll just give you a little preview of what I got. They sent me 3 pair of lenses and a cute Hello Kitty contact lens case. I plan to post each review separately as I know it will be quite lengthy and picture heavy.
Hello Kitty Lens Case, 3 pairs of Contact Lenses

GEO Angel Brown, Morning Glory and 17.2mm Lenses ^^

The lens case has a mirror inside too, ^^ super kawaii.

I am pretty much excited about this partnership because I am really happy with the sponsor. Trust me when I say they have one of the most (if not the best) excellent customer service there is!

Please stay tuned for my reviews. Goodnight =)


  1. What an adorable contact lens case! :D Are they colors prescription? If not, aren't they supposed to scratch your eyes?! I've been wanting some for cosplay, but I'm wary.

  2. Thanks =) mine are 0.00 coz i dont have any prescription, but you can have those with prescription if your eyes need it. so far i have not encountered any problems with them yet as i dont really wear them that much, maybe just 4-6 hours a day. you should try them, its pretty cool :) and cosplay lenses are very nice, ive seen many people wear it.