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AQmore Nail Polish in Purple Gem {Product Review}

This is a sponsored post. The nail polishes were kindly sent to me by UNIQSO for review purposes. All opinions expressed are 100% honest.

As a nail polish lover, I love to paint my nails. I can even change it daily if I am in the mood. But little did I know that the nail polishes I am using are already causing damage to my nails. That's why when I got the chance to test and review AQmore nail polishes, I immediately grabbed the chance. So what exactly is in  AQmore that sets it apart from the rest?

AQmore nail polishes are sold and at UNIQSO, a Malaysian based online store which sells nail polishes as well as circle lenses. This nail polish is water based, which makes it natural and not harmful to our nails. And because it is natural, it is absolutely chemical free, which means it contains no acetone or formaldehyde which are usually present in most nail polishes. When I heard about it being natural and chemical free, I was really amazed already. And so when I got my 2 bottles of nail polishes, I was very excited to try it =)

 AQmore - Purple Gem and AQmore - Pink Lady

I was given two nail polishes to review, and I chose a shade in purple and pink. The nail polishes came in a very cute packaging, complete with bubble wrap of course to ensure the safety of the bottles. 

Also included was a piece of styro. You might be wondering what's that for, I'll explain and show it later :)

And now I'll show to you a little something that will surely shock you and change your opinions on nail polishes. But I don't intend to scare you haha, maybe just warn you about something that you'll see after :D

Aside from the nail polishes, I was also sent a piece of styro. Its purpose was to test the contents of the normal nail polishes and AQmore nail polishes. The styro was divided into two, one past for any nail polish and the other is for AQmore nail polishes. The test is very easy, all you have to do is apply an ample amount of nail polish on both sides and observe what happens next.

As you can see, the "others" part of the styro was melted. The normal nail polishes ate the styro? Yay~ This just shows how strong the chemicals of nail polishes are.

 See those holes? nyay.

Meanwhile on AQmore's side, nothing happened. That's how natural it is. Basically this experiment shows what chemicals can do. And this is one of the reasons why you should be very careful about nail polishes and should start checking out on its ingredients. Go for something natural like AQmore nail polishes =)

And now for the nail polish review...

The first I'll be reviewing is the AQmore-Purple Gem. It is a light shade of purple, but could sometimes become darker depending on the lighting. 

Product Description:
Weight    : 30gm
Volume    : 8ml
Shelf Life    : 1 - 1.5 years

See? It turns into a darker purple when there is not enough light. So I tried to paint my nails with this shade and I was very surprised! It went smoothly on my nails, I could even go with just one coat because its very opaque. I also noted that it dries very quickly and gives off a slightly shimmery finish. Here's what it looked like on my nails.

 One coat :)

Like I said, this nail polish is very opaque so a few coats will be enough. But since I am not a pro at applying nail polishes so you might still see some sheer parts. Blame it on me, not on the nail polish haha.

I can't figure out what to do with my purple nails as I dont want to cover it with another nail polish so I decided to just use a clear nail polish with glitters and stars to put in more effects on my already nice nails =)

  Glitters and Stars <3

 Photo taken with flash

My Review:
I am really in love with this nail polish. Aside from the fact that is not harmful to my nails, its also very easy to apply and easy to remove. I would definitely recommend this to anybody.

The Good Thing:
* easy to apply
* can be removed easily, even without nail polish remover
* easy to clean mess on fingers
* natural and not harmful
* very opaque color

The Bad Thing:
* will not last for long on nails as it can be removed easily
* might be expensive for some people

Quality - ♔ (4/5)
Color -  ♔ (5/5)
 Price - ♔ (4/5)

Final Verdict: Love it <3

Now if you also want to try this nail polish, you can order it HERE. Plus you'll get 10% off your purchase with the code AO10 (that's letters A and O, and the number 10)

And that concludes the first part of my review. I'll be posting part two of this review tomorrow so stay tuned for that =) I'll also be including in the second part how to remove this nail polish. Its a very simple thing to do, all you'll need is your hands. No nail polish remover or any other thing.

Hope you enjoyed my post and learned something from me.

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