Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Fair Lady / Take Care of the Young Lady (Korean Drama)

This has been long done but I only got the chance to watch My Fair Lady online this year because it was shown here in the Philippines. Im a fan of Yoon Eun Hye ever since Princess Hours, and I was really happy about this kdrama. Her love interest in this series is also very cute and I love their story :3

Seo Dong Chan and Kang Hae Na

I really love Eun Hye's hair in this series. Its colored red, and is somewhat short but its really long. Her hairstyle differs a lot in every scene and I find it cool, especially her bangs because its red haha.

She's pretty here ^_^

Its actually a fun drama, but at the same time it also made me cry at some point. I really felt bad for Dong Chan and I cried as much as I can. Boo :(

Ahh :3 I really love his hair. It reminds me of someone <3

You might be wondering how come this boy's face is so familiar? Yes you got it right, its Jung Il Woo, also known as the scheduler in the kdrama Pure Love/49 Days. He was still young back then because this kdrama was done in 2007 or 2009? I like him better in Pure Love, his style totally changed.

One of the scenes that totally made me cry// Story of my life :/

Overall, I am happy with this drama. I never thought it would be this beautiful and I wish I had watched it a long time ago but nah, its okay. After all I have finished watching it and I didn't regret it ^^

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