Monday, October 31, 2011


A simple NOTD I did some time last week. Forgive me for the simple design. It happens sometimes, especially if you have a lot of ideas bursting in your mind that you dont know what to do, and you end up doing something less creative. Boo!

But even though its just a simple design, it has a lot of meaning to me <3

I know someday we'll be together <3...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

15 pcs. Nail Art Design Brush from Born Pretty Store

Yay my nail art brushes are finally here ;) I ordered them from Born Pretty Store last October 1st, but since they were on a holiday till the 7th, the item was shipped on the 8th and arrived in about two weeks time which is faster than usual international shipping. I got them for only $4.74, plus free shipping yey! 

As usual the packaging was pretty neat, although I found some dent on the brushes but nah, never mind the damages. It wouldn't affect the brushes so its okay.

Say hello to my 15 pcs. Nail Art Design Brushes :D They came in a transparent pouch and the tips were also covered in plastic to ensure that the brushes wont be damaged.

15 looks like a lot in my opinion, and I'm excited about trying out each and every brush. I never thought there could be this many kind and styles for nail art brushes. Anyways, here are the contents of the brush set: 3 drawing tools, 7 painting tools, 2 liners, 1 dotting tool, and 2 fan brushes for nail art effect. I've never heard or seen about the fan brushes, but they look cool to me.

I am so excited about the items so let me show how extremely happy I am when I got them by showing you the photos I took =) I took two shots for each but the macro shots were a little bad so excuse them ;)

Now I am really super happy about the purchase I made. I was skeptical at first because I dont know if I'll be able to use them, and I dont want to waste money. But now that they are here I'm just glad. So now I'll say goodbye first because I am off to do my nails :D Haha will show some creations soon, bye <3

P.S. If you plan to buy this and other stuffs on Born Pretty Store don't forget to use the coupon code JELL73 so that you'll get 10% OFF your purchase ;)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Perks of Being Broken Hearted

Nothin much, just showin some randomness..

I really wanna call you, but I know that it's not right. I probably shouldn't tell you but I dreamed of you last night. You told me that you loved me, I started tearing down those walls. I really started to trust you but you set me up to take the fall. I guess I'm not prepared to say goodbye, so long, farewell, I won't be seeing you again.. Until next time that he goes away.

I guess that I'm wrong for falling in love but you're still the one that I'm dreaming of. I guess that it's you I want to hold onto but you're holding onto someone else.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pink + Green = Love

Hey gals. Today I'm going to show to you my nails~ Ive had this for 3 days already and I'm very happy because its still intact, no chipping and falling of deco. This is my first attempt with 3D Nail Art, because most of my works are only the usual nail art design done by nail polishes and stickers. Though I've tried rhinestones before but this is totally something new to me and I hope you'll love it =)

So to start with, I painted my nails using the newest nail polish I mentioned in my Watsons Haul post. Its actually a pastel pink nail polish which I got for 50% off. This is two coats of the pink nail polish named Piolo Pastel.

Its a light pink, which fades out to a cute pastel shade. Its a girly pink that most girls will surely love ^_^

And now for the 3D design, I used one of the Nail Goodies that I recently bought, the green 3D Nail Art Stars. I chose it because pink and green is my favorite color =)

Pink + Green = Love

I kept the design just simple because I was still testing out if the deco wouldn't fall of my nails just like the rhinestones. As you can see I only used top coat to make the deco stick to my nails. These are lighter than the rhinestones so maybe that's why they hold on to my nails better.

adorable nails ^_*

I still have a lot of these decos and I cant wait to try out other designs I have in mind =) Hope you love my nails ;)

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Watsons Haul

Last Wednesday my mother and I went to Watsons to buy a hot oil treatment something for her hair. I don't know how it happened really but I just saw her pick up a basket, and the next thing I knew, there were already a lot inside. Haha and of course I wouldn't just let her do the picking of items so I chose some for myself too. Unfortunately her items were a lot compared to mine, but duh its okay coz she paid for my stuffs :p Anyways here's what we bought.

Quite a lot, but only 4 items are mine ^_~

As I've said, she was looking for some hot oil blah for her hair. She asked the sales lady about it but unfortunately she doesn't know about it too, so we ended up racking the hair section for what she wants. After looking for something we don't know she finally saw this. I have no idea about this product as I haven't tried this before, but nevertheless we decided to buy it so we can try it out. Plus, they had it on promotion as Buy 1 Get 1 Free, so its just so okay ;)

Watsons Repairing Treatment Wax in Honey and Conditioning Treatment Wax in Avocado Extract, $4.35 (Php 189.00)

Conditioning Treatment Wax in Avocado Extract

Watsons Repairing Treatment Wax in Honey

My mother also bought hand soap for reasons I don't know. All I know is that she had been eying this item the moment we entered the store. Haha it was also on promotion, still at Buy 1 Get 1 Free.

Watsons Refreshing Hand Soap in Green Tea and Apple Extracts and Ginger and White Tea Extracts, $2.28 (Php 99.00)

Watsons Refreshing Hand Soap in Ginger and White Tea Extracts

Watsons Refreshing Hand Soap in Green Tea and Apple Extracts

This Milk Essence Baby Milk Body Soap was the last thing that we bought. We had no choice but to buy it so that we can avail of the free pouch/wallet that they are offering. My mother bought this one for my little sister. Obviously its a baby's soap but I'm gonna use it too. Lol

Milk Essence Baby Milk Body Soap, $3.43 (Php 149.00)

My mother also purchased this spray for my brother. I am not familiar with this brand because I haven't heard of it yet. I also forgot the price of this product :P

Black Water Men's Spray

While looking at the beauty products section she remembered that she already finished her Garnier Foundation so she went looking for a replacement. She then chose this Careline Oil Control Face Powder, but ended up regretting that she bought this because when she used it at home she didn't like it at all. What a complete waste of money because I wont be using it too :( I think this was on a bargain too.

Careline Oil Control Face Powder, $2.30 (Php 100.00)

Remember the pouch/wallet I mentioned above that we got for free? Aside from reaching a certain amount of purchase, another requirement was that we have to buy one of their "qualifier" products. So from the list we chose to include in our purchase this Gluta-C Face and Body Soap. It was also on sale because when you buy two bars of soap you can save $0.56 or Php 24.50. Also, my father loves this soap very much so yeah this one's going to be a gift for him haha.

Gluta-C Face and Body Soap, $4.35 (Php 189.00) for two bars of soap

And then finally, my purchases (but my mother paid for it). I only grabbed a few because I didn't get the chance to wander around the shop because I was looking out for my baby sister who's just so !@#$%^. But even though I only got 4 items for myself, its still okay because I got 2 of the items I have been wanting to buy for so long ;)

First up is this Raven Hair Spray. I have been wanting a hair spray for ages because I love to curl my hair using a flat iron, but then the curls really don't stay up that much. Stupid hair why does it have to be so damn straight x_o. So now that I have a hair spray, I'm really hoping that this will solve my problem.

Raven Hair Spray, $1.66 (Php 72.00)

After hearing good reviews about the facial scrub from St. Ives, I knew I have to get my hands on it. So finally my chance was here thanks to my mother who paid for this St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I only bought the small tube as I wanted to test it out first.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub, $1.50 (Php 65.00)

And finally, I grabbed two super duper cheap nail polishes on the rack just because I love how they look :D The packaging is so cute, and the colors are so pastel-ish which reminds me of autumn. It has been marked as 50% off so I bought two. And I also find the names of this nail polishes very funny and amusing, though corny at times.

Mwah! Nail Polish in Piolo Pastel and Orlando Blue, $0.17 (Php 7.50) each

love the shades <3

And that concludes my first ever Watsons haul. Im gonna do reviews on some of the items, but please feel free to comment and request for a review on a product that you want to know more about. Thanks for reading =)