Monday, January 23, 2012

I got MAIL + Latest NOTD

Kung Hei Fat CHoi~

I don't know the exact date for Chinese New Year but I somewhat heard on TV its going to be today. Hmmm I wonder why most online shops are closed or on vacation for a week or so. Is today just the beginning? Haha Im so clueless lol

Anyways, I've been so busy these past few days with nothing much really. I think I was just too overjoyed because I received 9 packages last Tuesday. Hahaha I've never received that much mail in one day, so yeah too much happiness :P

Hurray~ Most of these are my orders from ebay. I think I have about 5, but only 4 came. I hope I'll be able to receive the other remaining package T_T . But still I'm happy because I also received my orders from Born Pretty Store. Yay my nails will surely be happy. I also bought some accessories and I'm excited to show all of them in the next few days.

By the way, here's what I currently have on my nails. Its pretty random, more like I'm using my nails as a tester as to what I should design it. Hehe. But I love the random design, especially because Hello Kitty is here ^_~

I used stamping on the Hello Kitty design, and the rest were done by my shaky hands. I originally wanted a candy cane design but then I figured Christmas is already done. So I just played with my brushes and did a somewhat plaid design on two of my nails, while the remaining two just have some lines on them. I still liked how it came out because its pink and its cute :)


  1. It's on the 23rd :D Probably 'today' there in your place haha!
    Pretty nails!! The HK is so cute!

    1. thanks Yoyo.. HK is really adorable ^o^

  2. Your nails are beautiful. I love the colors and the designs. 9 packages!! Wow ^^,

    I've only heard of stamping today. Where can you get these things??

    1. thanks steph =)
      as for the nail stamping Kit, you can check them out at Born Pretty Store. Super cheap and you can have a variety of choices for the designs =)