Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kawaiiness for New Year

Good morning girls :) Today I just want to show to you two things that I got for New Year. Actually these aren't mine, these are my little sister's. But since she's still two young, lets just give it to big sister okay? HAHA. 

I know most of you got a lot of stuffs during the holidays, but me I only got a few. Prolly because I already begged for money from parents and relatives  so that I can buy a new mobile phone. Also, every time we go shopping, I always buy something for me (with the parents paying of course), so yeah its forgivable that I have a few stuffs.

Okay so here are two of the things I got from my little sister's presents =) Its a cute pink owl earrings and a mirror-and-comb something.

That girl could be Japanese because she's wearing a kimono. Cute right? I really love how these are pink because pink is really cute to look at =)

The design has been damaged already. I have a feeling my sister already played with this one lol. But still its adorable, so no harm done.

The pink comb is also very cute :3 To use, you just have to pull it from the side of the mirror and voilah~ its there ready to use.

I also got a pair of fashion earrings. These are owls btw, pink owls. And they have these really huge black eyes staring O_O

*sigh* Now looking at these stuffs, I am missing my little sister. They are away right now and I miss having someone to play with. I promise when she gets back I'll let her have my make up because she likes to play with them. And I wont get mad if she breaks them =P


  1. Those owls are so cute. Be good to little sister now :O)

  2. the earrings are adorable!

  3. awww these are sooo cute!!! <3
    and so nice that you miss her and going to give her make up hahah

  4. aaaw, they are so lovely , both of them ^^ lucky you ;)