Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review: Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam in Green Tea

Hello there~

I'm back again with another product to review. This time, its a product from one of my favorite Korean brands, Etude House. I'm sure you've heard many things about them, most especially if you're a fan of kpop and other korean stuffs. But anyways enough of that, today I'll be sharing my thoughts on Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam in Green Tea. I also have another variant of this cleansing foam, but lately I've been suing this more often so I am going to review this first.

As expected, it comes in a very nicely designed tube. I don't know why its called Happy Tea Time, but maybe for relaxing or something? Haha lol. But still I love how it looks because its green <3.

I bought it for only Php149.00, which is approximately $3.44. Its quite cheap for a big product like this which contains 150g if I read it right. I can't finish it up in just a month so its really worth the amount.

Although the tube packaging is already neat, I would have preferred if it came in a pump because that would be much easier, less hassle and more neat. But then that might cause the price to rise so yeah, tube is okay :D

It might not be clear in the photos, but the content is slightly green in color. Darn light turned it into white something. It also smells nice, a slight scent in my opinion. Maybe that's how Green Tea smells because the Lemon Tea one really smells like lemon =)

My Review

I really love using this product. I don't find it harsh on my skin. And since its a product from Korea, I really want to try it. The faint scent is another thing that I like. And since its really just so affordable, its a good value for my money. A tube can last a long long way, maybe 2-3 months even with daily use I guess.

Although I find breakouts sometimes, I don't think its because of this cleansing foam. Lately I've been really tired from work and all, having only 5-6 hours of sleep so maybe that's why I do have breakouts once in a while. Also, it tends to dry out my skin after washing so I make it a point to moisturize my skin after using this.

Overall, I am happy with this product. I am even trying to complete all the variants from this product line. Hehe. I just hope that I finish them up all ;P

Thanks for reading my review, until next time =) 

Happy Chinese New Year~


  1. thank you for sharing and the lovely comment!


    1. NP ^^
      thanks for droppin by mypage too

  2. thanks for this review, makes me wanna try it :)

    PS: yup i'm from Cebu,
    bisaya pd ko hehe :)

    1. hehe i try siya, nice and baratu rsad then dako pajud ug size =)

  3. Oooo I've heard of this brand but never got anything from it hehe, thanks for the review~! ^o^
    Chinese new year next week *o* I'm looking forward to it :D

    1. you should try them out. although most products are expensive, this one is quite affordable. hehe i love korean products because they are really effective.. uhm at least most. haha

  4. I love the Aloe variant of this :D However, with continued use, I found this drying, you really need moisturizer after it :D Thanks for the review though ^^ Hope you drop by my blog sometime :D I review mostly EH products! ♥

    1. i agree with you.. it tends to dry the skin after using and a moisturizer is really important :)

      i dropped by your page and your shop :) and i am lovin your reviews ^_^ keep em coming coz im really happy reading them =)