Monday, January 9, 2012

Taking Advantage of Sales

These stuffs were bought last month, towards the end of December when shopping malls were having this really huge sales. I got hold of 3 full sized products which were really huge but you'll get the shock of your life if you'll learn how much each products cost =P

So I bought three products, a body wash, a milk lotion and a conditioner. Even if I use these products, they still might last more than a month because they are of big sizes, probably the biggest size of products I ever own :)

So first up is this JASON Tea Tree Melaleuca Body Wash. To be honest I'm not fond of body wash. I find using them a hassle and tiring, but I know that its sometimes nice to use them especially if you plan to scrub your body as well. There were a lot of choices too for this body wash. I remember there was an apricot one but I opted for a Tea Tree one because it smells really nice. And the price? Only Php50.00 ($1.13) for a 900mL product =) I was supposed to buy another bottle but I figure that I can use my money on another item coz I don't really need a lot of this hehe.

And then I was right on my decision about not buying a second bottle of body wash because I saw this Skin Milk Body lotion on the next stand. It also costs Php50.00 ($1.13) for a 650mL bottle. And I love how it says its made of real milk proteins @_^. I don't know what that means but knowing that there will be milk proteins on your skin sounds like a good thing :D

And lastly is this Vanart Creme Rinse. The label on the stand says its a shampoo that's why I grabbed it. Its on sale for only Php55.00 ($1.24). But then my brother kept on complaining how come the shampoo is not working. And I was like maybe you've got the wrong product. And when I tried it I was like, yeah its not a shampoo. So I read the description on the back and to my surprised I found out that its a conditioner. Lol why did they label it as shampoo. >_< Oh well, I still dont mind paying that cheap for a large bottle of conditioner. Although it feels a little greasy but I guess most conditioners are like that? Haha

Overall I am really happy with what I got. I only bought 3 products but they are very much worth a lot =)


  1. ohhhh these sound so good for the skin!! I like! ^__^

  2. JASON products are really nice. I saw the Tea Tree and immediately thought it was the shampoo I used to use, haha. I don't buy them more often because of how expensive they are. The shampoos at my local health food store (the only place around here that carries JASON) charges almost $5 for the small bottles.

    I haven't tried the Skin Milk, I have just heard great things about it.

  3. i wanna try the tea tree, where did you bought it? :)