Friday, January 6, 2012

Review: Heated Eyelash Curler from Color Lens World

Remember the gifts that I received from Marco and Lisa of Color Lens World last month? Well, I have been using the Heated Eyelash Curler everyday, and I seem to be better at it (or so I think? Lol). And so today I will share to you an honest review of the product.

Here's a photo of the product on the website~

And here's a comparison photo on the site. You can clearly see and notice the difference ^_^

As you can see, the product I got is very similar to the photo on the site. It came safely wrapped in bubble wrap to keep it safe~ It was also in its original packaging so I can vouch that its really a brand new product that you'll get when you buy from them.

Its not that big, just enough for you to hold it on your hands. Its also light weight. It runs on 2 AA batteries which you have to buy separately as they're not included in the product. Basing on its appearance I can say that it is of good quality. Its made of plastic but its not like those cheap ones.

Product Description
~Dedicated to curl side lashes and also bottom eyelashes
~Can curl the hardly reachable parts of the lashes
~Keep long lasting
~Japan Design

  1.     Slide off the battery cover and insert 2AAA batteries (battery not included).
  2.     Push On/Off button up to turn on.
  3.     The green light will illuminate signalling that its already turned on.
  4.     Red silicon pad changes in color around 10-15 seconds when the curler is ready for use.
  5.     Place eyelashes on silicon pad. Push slide lever upward until silicon pad stops.
  6.     Hold on eyelashes for 10-15 seconds.
  7.     Release and repeat on the other eyelash until desired look is achieved .
  8.     After using, slide On/off button downward.
  9.     The green light will go off, meaning the curler is already turned off.
Up close, this is how it looks like. The light green one is the lever that you have to push, while the red one is the silicon pad that heats the eyelashes. Its really very simple and easy to use. I haven't tried burning myself yet but sometimes when I place it too close to my skin I can feel the heat, so you still have to be very careful when using this.

To start with, here is a photo of my eyelashes before the process. Although my lashes are long and quite noticeable, they are just plain straight, stiff and lifeless. In this photo I didn't have any make up on, just my bare and naked eyelashes :D

And after following the instructions that was also written at the back of the packaging, here's the result :) This was only after one heating, but you can already see the results. My lashes were instantly curled, unlike the previous photo wherein they were just straight. In this photo my lashes have curled upwards which is better. And oh, I just curled the other half of my lashes here which explains why the other end is still straight =P You can also compare my lashes here, the one on the outer side is uncurled while the ones on the inner side are curled.

In this photo the outer lashes are curled quite  bit, but not as nice as the inner ones because I think I held the curler in the wrong angle. I was thinking that if I move it further I might burn myself haha. I still have to practice more because I am still a noobie when it comes to stuffs like this.

And from below, you can also see that my lashes are indeed curled. They are no longer plain straight lashes, but beautiful curled ones :) Hurray!

My Review

I used to rely on my mascara to curl my lashes a bit because I dislike the manual curlers. For me, I don't find them working so I skip them. But with this heated eyelash curler, I can curl my lashes in just seconds! I really love how its just so simple to use, even a first timer like me was able to get the hang of it immediately.

This heated eyelash curler is available at Color Lens World for only $4.99. And you don't have to worry about paying extra charges because its FREE SHIPPING :) Interested? Buy it online HERE.

I know this may not be the cheapest that you can find but why sacrifice quality for a cheaper price? I absolutely recommend to you this online shop because not only are they trustworthy but they are also very friendly. I think communication between buyers and sellers is the best customer service there is.

Thanks for reading my review today and I hope you find it helpful. Hopefully I'll have the energy to blog more, but without the camera in my hands I don't think I can do it hahaha. But still, I have my cellphone camera with me so maybe I can still blog. Oh and by the way, its almost the third Sunday of January.. And you know what that means? Its Sinulog Festival here in Cebu already. Yey.


  1. ooohh I would so get it just for the color too x)

  2. I have one like this and I love it, although most of the time I forget to use it, lol.

  3. This really looks effective O: Although if I do get one I probably forget about it a few days later hahah xD

  4. I'm glad that it worked well for you. I was curious when you posted that they sent it to you. The results are amazing.

  5. Hi Jel ,

    Thank you for you review. Lisa also likes this heated eye curler very much.


  6. I got mine here:

    Really easy to use and got many compliments on it.. Love!!!!