Friday, January 27, 2012

Random Selcas and Updates

Heeeeya! I've been kind of neglecting my blog for days, having no updates~ Tss so not me. Its almost the end of January, and then here comes death month for me :| Haha lol what I mean is that Valentines Day is almost here.. There's nothing much on that day because I will be heartless on hearts day </3

Anyways I'd just like to post some random selcas ^o^ I took them using my phone and added some effects. I am really enjoying these editing apps on android because they are so cool, and easy to do than manual edits via photoshop :P

Wearing circle lenses already but tried the "enlarge eye" effect :D

Arrrggh stupid baggy eyes T_T seriously have to get rid of these dark circles and baggy bags. I wish I could just remove them lol.

Guess where? TILES ==> CR Haha

The next two images were given the "sweety" effect, thus the strong outcome of the colors. I love how my hair looks like this but in reality its really dull. I think I have to go to a parlor for hair coloring and stop doing it myself because clearly its a mess.

I'd also like to share this DIY earrings holder that I made. Its really crap and ugly to look at but for now this will do because I don't have anything to hold my earrings. I have been looking for like forever for a nice jewelry stand or box but I am so unlucky. Oh well, this is quiet okay so I'll just keep this one for now :)

I also received a lot of things in the mail and I hope to be able to review/post them soon. I just need to recharge myself and hopefully by February I'll be back to daily blogging again :)