Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kawaii Goodies from Mary Rebecca

Hurray! I won again :) I got the email saying I won Mary Rebecca's Birthday Giveaway last January 9 and these came to me on January 27. Pretty fast for shipping from the US.

Want to know what I won? Then continue scrolling =) Hehe I got a total of 4 cute items which I so adore because they are really cute.. And I think these are from her etsy shop so it could probably be handmade <3

Okay so here's what I won: 2 cute hair bows, 1 hamburger ring, 1 mini notepad *u* These are so adorable in person and I have been battling with my little sister because she wants them too.

I didn't even realize this was my second win from her, if she haven't indicated on the note she included. Hmm remember my cute scissors necklace? It was from her shop too. I must be so lucky then to win two giveaways from her =)

Here's the mini notepad that I got. The cover features cute cupcakes with funny faces. I seriously couldn't stop laughing at their expressions. So adorable ^_O

Here's a close up photo of the cupcakes ^^ Haha my ultimate favorite one is the one beside the mustache cupcake. Seriously, would a cupcake have that kind of teeth? Lol so funny haha

Inside, this is how the paper looks like. It reminds me of a graphing paper with all those lines~ I plan to use these for writing stuffs that I have to remember like contact numbers, events and such because I tend to forget things like this.

And there's also a plastic something at the end part of the notepad. I think I'm going to place photos on these plastic ones.

And then here are the two hair bows. I got one in light blue and dark blue. These were the ones my little sister wanted the most so I snatched them away from her because it might end up like the other hair bows I had which she tore and destroyed. But I know she really likes them, but nah these are mine haha :p

Lastly is this cute and super adorable hamburger ring. One would go hungry just by staring at it :D

I asked my mother to wear them for me while I take a photo.. It looks weird on her hand though :P

And there you have it. I am so happy to win it because I wasn't really expecting. Last year was so good to me because I won a lot. Hopefully this year will be wonderful too. Thanks again to Mary Rebecca for my prizes =)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Random Selcas and Updates

Heeeeya! I've been kind of neglecting my blog for days, having no updates~ Tss so not me. Its almost the end of January, and then here comes death month for me :| Haha lol what I mean is that Valentines Day is almost here.. There's nothing much on that day because I will be heartless on hearts day </3

Anyways I'd just like to post some random selcas ^o^ I took them using my phone and added some effects. I am really enjoying these editing apps on android because they are so cool, and easy to do than manual edits via photoshop :P

Wearing circle lenses already but tried the "enlarge eye" effect :D

Arrrggh stupid baggy eyes T_T seriously have to get rid of these dark circles and baggy bags. I wish I could just remove them lol.

Guess where? TILES ==> CR Haha

The next two images were given the "sweety" effect, thus the strong outcome of the colors. I love how my hair looks like this but in reality its really dull. I think I have to go to a parlor for hair coloring and stop doing it myself because clearly its a mess.

I'd also like to share this DIY earrings holder that I made. Its really crap and ugly to look at but for now this will do because I don't have anything to hold my earrings. I have been looking for like forever for a nice jewelry stand or box but I am so unlucky. Oh well, this is quiet okay so I'll just keep this one for now :)

I also received a lot of things in the mail and I hope to be able to review/post them soon. I just need to recharge myself and hopefully by February I'll be back to daily blogging again :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello Kitty Visa Card MP3 Player

Finally! I now have a Visa Card :D And its Hello Kitty ^___^ Haha jokes. Nah, seriously.. It really does look like a visa card right? Yep. Or at least to me :)

Taadah~ Hehe The new Hello Kitty Platinum Plus VISA Credit Card :p Hahaha. Kidding aside, its my new MP3 player *_* I was really so happy when I finally received it. Its really super super super cool and cute and kawaii ^^

Its only 2GB but nah, doesn't really matter because its already big for just a few music. And besides, I listen to some songs on repeat so yeah, 2GB is more than enough.

From afar, it really looks like a card because its really slim. But up close you'll see that its a music player after all.

Here you can see the control buttons. There are 4 small buttons, 2 for volume/forward or backward, 1 for pause, play and on/off and the other one is for reset.

And on this side you can see the slot for the headphone. There's also a small hole for accessories/charms on the side :)

The player actually came with a headphone, but ear buds hurt my ears after hours of listening so I bought another one. It's a clip on earphones and it doesn't hurt my ears. I would have preferred a Hello Kitty earphone too, but since I couldn't find one I just settled for this. I used to have one but it was already dead a year ago :|

I also bought a pink strap so that I can hang it like a necklace or an accessory. Its also more convenient because I can use it at ease anytime I want to listen to music.

I bought this one at ebay for a little over $10. I usually don't buy stuffs like this for such a big amount because I find it a waste but since it was Christmas when I purchased this, I figured it would be okay to rewards myself sometimes :D

Monday, January 23, 2012

How To: Crowd Control

I love to go to concerts and other events, especially if my favorite stars and artists are there. I have been to countless events like this and I know how hard it is just to get through, mainly because there are also a lot of people who are wanting to get through just like you.

That's why in events like this, its important that the organizers will have plan ready just in case something goes wrong. One of the best things to avoid riot and stampede to occur is by having some crowd control products and services ready. This will be very much helpful to keep the place in order. There will be no pushing and everyone will be in an orderly line. One of the most common product used in concerts and political events are stanchions. These are like retractable belts or can even be simple velvet rope that you can see in most events to keep peace and order and avoid people from getting hurt. Aside from being readily available, it can also be custom made to fit the theme of the occasion. Another common product used to create a more secure place are barricades. These are more common on the streets for traffic control purposes and in events as well for security and privacy.

In any event or happening, the safety of the people and the organizers as well are very much important so it should be taken in to consideration properly to avoid any mishaps to occur.

I got MAIL + Latest NOTD

Kung Hei Fat CHoi~

I don't know the exact date for Chinese New Year but I somewhat heard on TV its going to be today. Hmmm I wonder why most online shops are closed or on vacation for a week or so. Is today just the beginning? Haha Im so clueless lol

Anyways, I've been so busy these past few days with nothing much really. I think I was just too overjoyed because I received 9 packages last Tuesday. Hahaha I've never received that much mail in one day, so yeah too much happiness :P

Hurray~ Most of these are my orders from ebay. I think I have about 5, but only 4 came. I hope I'll be able to receive the other remaining package T_T . But still I'm happy because I also received my orders from Born Pretty Store. Yay my nails will surely be happy. I also bought some accessories and I'm excited to show all of them in the next few days.

By the way, here's what I currently have on my nails. Its pretty random, more like I'm using my nails as a tester as to what I should design it. Hehe. But I love the random design, especially because Hello Kitty is here ^_~

I used stamping on the Hello Kitty design, and the rest were done by my shaky hands. I originally wanted a candy cane design but then I figured Christmas is already done. So I just played with my brushes and did a somewhat plaid design on two of my nails, while the remaining two just have some lines on them. I still liked how it came out because its pink and its cute :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review: Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam in Green Tea

Hello there~

I'm back again with another product to review. This time, its a product from one of my favorite Korean brands, Etude House. I'm sure you've heard many things about them, most especially if you're a fan of kpop and other korean stuffs. But anyways enough of that, today I'll be sharing my thoughts on Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam in Green Tea. I also have another variant of this cleansing foam, but lately I've been suing this more often so I am going to review this first.

As expected, it comes in a very nicely designed tube. I don't know why its called Happy Tea Time, but maybe for relaxing or something? Haha lol. But still I love how it looks because its green <3.

I bought it for only Php149.00, which is approximately $3.44. Its quite cheap for a big product like this which contains 150g if I read it right. I can't finish it up in just a month so its really worth the amount.

Although the tube packaging is already neat, I would have preferred if it came in a pump because that would be much easier, less hassle and more neat. But then that might cause the price to rise so yeah, tube is okay :D

It might not be clear in the photos, but the content is slightly green in color. Darn light turned it into white something. It also smells nice, a slight scent in my opinion. Maybe that's how Green Tea smells because the Lemon Tea one really smells like lemon =)

My Review

I really love using this product. I don't find it harsh on my skin. And since its a product from Korea, I really want to try it. The faint scent is another thing that I like. And since its really just so affordable, its a good value for my money. A tube can last a long long way, maybe 2-3 months even with daily use I guess.

Although I find breakouts sometimes, I don't think its because of this cleansing foam. Lately I've been really tired from work and all, having only 5-6 hours of sleep so maybe that's why I do have breakouts once in a while. Also, it tends to dry out my skin after washing so I make it a point to moisturize my skin after using this.

Overall, I am happy with this product. I am even trying to complete all the variants from this product line. Hehe. I just hope that I finish them up all ;P

Thanks for reading my review, until next time =) 

Happy Chinese New Year~

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review: NYX Round Lip Gloss in #01 True Red


Today I'm going to hare to you a product that I am using everyday. Actually, I'm not that much of a make-up person, so I only apply what I am comfortable wearing. So yeah, today's product review is all about one of my favorite lip gloss brand, NYX.

I bought this lip gloss maybe two months ago. Its my first NYX product and I instantly fell in love with the brand. Too bad they're not locally available, and if I find them online they are already twice as much the original price :|

NYX Round Lip Gloss in #01 True Red

I really like the bottle packaging of this lip gloss. Its got this cute prints that are surely girly. And its even easier to see what shade you are looking for even if you have them stacked up somewhere because the shade/label is printed on the top.

I've had a local brand lip gloss before and the applicator wasn't the same as this. I came across a blog talking about this slightly bended shape of the applicator and it says there that this is solely for the purpose of easy application, which I would like to agree. With a slightly bent applicator, applying lip gloss to your lips is indeed easier and less messy.

Here I put a small amount of lip gloss on my hand. You can clearly see how red it is. Beautiful. A small amount could already add a red shade to your dull lips.

And even on a photo with flash, the red is very much obvious. Its a nice shade of red thats pretty much wearable everyday.

My Review

Although its a lip gloss, I only apply a small amount to my lips. I am kinda using this product as a lip tint because I only want a hint of red on my lips, enough to make it not look dull. A small amount is enough to cover your bare lips, making it slightly red. Its a little sticky, but not in a bad way. Also, the product smells nice in my opinion, unlike most beauty products which has a strong scent. The tube is also small enough to fit in your purse so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

I would definitely buy more of these lip glosses if I could find them in my local stores for a reasonable price. Its really one of the best brands that are not expensive and has really good products. I would really love to try more NYX products like their lipsticks and blushes.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Express Scripts VS. Walgreens; Which Side are You Taking?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am for Walgreens.

For those of you who haven't heard yet, Express Scripts has announced that starting January 1, 2012 Walgreens will no longer be a part of their pharmacy provider network. This brought about a lot of fuss and worries to many people.

As we all know, Walgreens has been everybody's place to go if they need prescription medicines and other health related emergencies. Its considered to be as the most accessible and convenient pharmacy as its located in almost every place, with some stores offering drive through and 24-hour services. This seems to be a very good thing, until this Walgreens and Express Scripts dispute happened. This brought about sadness and anger to some customers and benificiaries because they are now looking for other places to buy medicines and stuffs. What used to be easy and accessible has now become a hassle because they have to drive more or less an hour just to find another pharmacy that will cater to their needs.

This issue has become alarming as more and more consumers are already complaining about this. And according to a news that I have read online (link:, this could be a possible threat to America's health care.

Tricare is another member network of Express Scripts, and is the health and prescription drug program for America’s military service men and women. Before the contract ended, Walgreens has been negotiating with Express Scripts, offering to match or beat the average costs per adjusted prescription of all other pharmacies in the Tricare network. This was the only way for Walgreens to help the Military troops from being caught in the middle.But even after all the struggles in negotiating, Walgreens' contract still ended.

Even though this whole issue is entirely bad news, Walgreens has thought of a way to at least ease the burden on its customers. They have kindly offered a special discount to those who avails of a Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens. This would mean that a family membership can already cover everybody in the family which includes a spouse and dependents who are 22 years old and below, as well as pets for only $10 a year. Anybody can join for only $5, and you can also receive other benefits such as discounts and huge savings on over 8,000 medicines and prescriptions. For more information about this program you can visit

I know how disappointing this can be, especially to those people who are deeply affected by this sudden change. And it would be of great help if you guys can also extend your support to Walgreens by following Walgreens on Twitter . You can also get updated with the latest news and happening especially with regards to this issue by liking Walgreens on Facebook.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Leopard Print No Lens Hello Kitty Glasses from Born Pretty Store

Okay so I still haven't got over the fact that Born Pretty Store has already stocked Hello Kitty Glasses on their shop. If you haven't check out my post about it, you can read it here. Originally there were 9 designs, and today they have added 3 more new designs! But unlike the first 9 ones, the newest designs are in animal prints~ So cool ^_~

First up is the Frame Light Leopard Bowknot Glasses No Lens - Red. It's yellowish in shade, which I reckon is the real color of leopards. It has black prints all over and a cute red bow on the upper right side.

The second design is a gray one, the Frame Dark Leopard Bowknot Glasses No Lens - Rose Red. Its got the same animal print design, but the bow is colored rose red or pinkish.

And the last new design is the Frame Light Leopard Bowknot Glasses No Lens - Rose Red. Its a lighter version of the first one, almost peach or flesh in color. And it still got the pinkish bow on the upper side.

All of these cute glasses has an arm length of 14 cm and a folding size of 15*4.5cm. Price per glasses is only $4.84, free shipping. Plus, if you use the coupon code JELL73, you get an additional 10% off your purchases.

Among these three new glasses, I like the first one the most. Which brings me back to my previous problem, I am still undecided as to which design to choose. Although these are cute too, I still love the plain ones better. I find them simple and suitable for everyday use. But overall, these glasses are just too irresistible and adorable >_O