Saturday, December 31, 2011

Etude House Petit Darling Nail Polish in Pinkade (PK010) Swatch/Review

Say hello to my first ever Etude House Nail Polish~ Haha. This wasn't really in my plan because I find P50.00 ($1.14) too expensive for a small bottle of nail polish which I know will just go to waste because I'm not the type who keeps on using the same color over and over again. But then when I saw the bright pastel shades of this evil bottles on the counter, plus the brush handles have this really cute design too, so yeah I picked up something in pink.

I can't read Korean, but I saw that this shade is called Pinkade (PK010). Its a light pink pastel color. I think other shades of this range are all in pastel shades, so you would really like to look at them.

I find 1 coat too sheer, or maybe I just don't know how to apply it. But really, even with 2 coats I can still see a part of my nail. And since its quite thick in my opinion, I just stopped at 2 coats.

It looks really nice from a distance :D But not closely because you will see how ugly my nails are done hahaha. I like how its a light pink.

I find it expensive because I can buy cheaper brands with even better quality, but I'm not yet sure about repurchasing. Maybe I will if it will be on sale.

Can I just ask a question? Im not sure if its just this bottle or all of their nail polishes, but since I haven't read anyone  commenting about the scent of this nail polish, then maybe mine is a defective one? Lol hahaha I find the smell of this nail polish unbearable. And when I say unbearable I really mean it. I mean I know most nail polishes have this acetone smell, but this is just too much. I'd rather sniff on gasoline and rugby than this. Really the smell is bothering me. Korean products always have this nice smell, but what happened to this nail polish? O_O

Oh well, enough ranting. Today is the last day of the year 2011 (at least here in the Philippines). So to all of you I want to wish you a happy and safe New Year :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Early Christmas Gift

In my recently concluded giveaway, I have mentioned about how wonderful and accommodating Marco and Lisa are. They are the owners of the shop Color Lens World. And Marco has even sent me two items as gifts =) I am really happy about what I received because they are very useful to me.

Yay stamps :D

Marco sent me a heated eyelash curler and something to clean the face. Between the two, I am more familiar of the lash curler. I have been using it everyday and the results are really amazing. I am going to do a review on it maybe tonight or tomorrow. As for the face cleaner, I am not sure as to how it works so I am going to google it first =)

Again, I am thankful to both of them for the friendship and for the communication that we have. I consider them as my first seller friends because of the talks and communication that we had via email. Although they are relatively new in the market, I can guarantee that their products are really nice and are safe to use. Plus the items really arrive faster in my opinion. So guys, please check out their site at Color Lens World.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Circle Lens Review: i.Fairy Gummi Gray from UNIQSO

First and foremost I'd like to say my sincerest apologies to Uniqso for the super delay of my review :| I hope they are not mad at me though, and I am quite sure they aren't because the staff there are really kind and courteous. They always address customers with "dear" at every email =)

About a month or so I received another package from them containing the i.Fairy Lens in Gummi Gray for me to review. I have already been sponsored two bottles of nail polishes from them before and this is my third sponsored product already :) Thanks Uniqso <3

Okay so now to the product. As always, it came in a cute box. They really have these cute and adorable small boxes and its amazing how the items fit in these boxes :3

Bubble wrap inside the box :)

And can I just say that it has the cutest vial designs ever? The vials are smaller than the usual too which I find cute :3 Hehe definitely for keeps lol.

Product Name: I.Fairy - Gummi Grey
Item: LNIF016GY
Brand: ( I.Fairy (SUNnBON)
Diameter: 16mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 55%
Replacement Period: 12 months

The reason why I chose this specific lens is because the design reminds me so much of that thing or power something from Naruto :D But don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan haha. This lens has a diameter of 16mm so expect it to be bigger than usual lenses which are only 14mm. And looking at a photo of me with and without lenses, I have come to a realization as to why its called circle lenses. Its because these lens tend to make your eyes or pupil look round, especially to those who have chinky or small eyes. Aside from the enlargement which would be quite obvious, the round eye effect can be surely seen if you compare your eyes with and without lenses.

See? Without the lenses, I feel like my eyes are sleepy or I might even look angry lol. But with the lens on, it gave my eyes a rounder look, and the enlargement is an added bonus :)

From afar, the design is noticeable too, prolly because this shade is not your traditional gray. It appears to me as somewhat bluish green and not gray.

Up close, the design is still noticeable and the color becomes more bluish green to me ^_O. If you look at it its not really that big, but if you can compare it with your normal eyes you will surely notice the difference right away. After all, these are 16mm :O

I also took some shots with the lens from different angles to see what and how they would look like. The first one is quite scary haha. It looks like the lens is a piece of plastic and it seems to bulge on my eyes >:)


In this view the design is not that obvious, and the gray color seems to be at random. I like it better this way because its more unique.

And from this angle, I think the design looks really natural. Except for the fact that my eyes are gray/bluish green of course. But other than the design, its definitely something natural like.

My Review
This isn't the biggest lens that I own, but I had a difficult time putting it inside my eyes because it always falls. I have a feeling it wont fit or maybe I am just not opening my eyes too big. Oh well, after a few tries I managed to get it in and it feels comfortable.

Water content is also higher than usual, so this should stay comfortable for a longer time. But of course you always have to bring drops with you just in case. In my experience I had no problems with regards to the comfort as it was really nice.

My Rating
Comfort : 4/5
Design : 5/5
Color : 5/5

Overall, I am very happy that I chose this lens. Though I might not wear this for daily purposes, I love to wear it at night because the design and the color is really vibrant and it would be easily noticed.

If you want to try out this pair of lens, you can check it out on Uniqso's site or click HERE. Its on sale for only $20.61 (10% off) and if you enter the coupon code AO10, you'll get another 10% off. Total steal! So guys, please do check it out and support Their shop. I promise you wont regret any transactions with them :)

And again, a big thank you to Uniqso for sponsoring me this lens :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A New Year's Giveaway from Born Pretty Store

Hello ladies ^_^ Have you checked out Born Pretty Store's newest giveaways? There will be 4 prizes for one lucky winner! Want to see what you can win? Check out this photo below =)

What you can win:

So what are you waiting for? Head over now to Born Pretty Store's blog and join in the fun. Giveaway ends on the 12th of January 2012 :) Good luck girls

Monday, December 26, 2011

{I'm a WINNER} Scissors Necklace

Earlier this month I receiveda package that I really forgot I am going to receive. Haha. Iam talking about the GC I won from a giveaway which I used to purchase a necklace.

My item was wrapped nicely in paper. Thanks to Mary Rebecca for thiscute necklace =) I am really happy that I picked this one.

I bought a scissors necklace using the $10 that I won from a blog giveaway. I choose this one because its really cute, plus the scissors is just so awesome because it is movable :D

The chain reminds me of vintage necklaces which I love. And the pendant? Adorable :3

cute :D

And it opens. Haha so beware if you see me wearing this because I might just cut your head off lol :] Haha no I was just joking of course this wouldn't cut anything because its not sharp. And I wouldn't cut of anybody's head lol :P

On to another topic; I have been so busy with nothing thispast few weeks and I haven't been able to join any giveaways, which means I am not expecting anything in the mail.. Unless of course one of you decides to play Santa and give me a gift? HAHAHA :) Belated Merry Christmas once again.

Review: OMG by Klik Nail Polish in Bikini

I always feel jealous about other girls, especially blogger friends because they always have the best of the world when it comes to beauty stuffs and all. Haha it seems childish but yes, sometimes I wish the more popular cosmetic brands are also here in my place so that we too can have a taste at what these brands can offer. Anyways, enough of the rants. This is long overdue but finally I had time to finish this review of a local nail polish brand.

Klik, like I mentioned is a local brand. I think they made changes to their packaging because this one is quite new for me. And honestly, I like this better than the old one. One good thing about local brands is that they are so cheap I can buy a million bottles for a price of one expensive international branded nail polish. Lol seriously I exaggerated but the comparison is there :D This bottle costs only Php18.00 or $0.41, cheaper than cheap. Haha

And since I know our local brands, I wasn't really expecting anything. I dont even intend to use this again because I know it will become useless after the first use. I used to call them disposable nail polishes, but little did I know that this bottle will change my view for this brand specifically.

The shade I choose was called "Bikini". I dont know why its termed like that, but maybe because girls wear bikini and that girls love pink? I picked this because I was looking for something dark pink.

This brand changed its packaging, and I must say that its better than their old style. A bigger bottle would mean more products inside. Also, the handle of the brush is longer than before so its definitely easier to hold.

My Review
When I first swatched this, I was really taken aback. I never expected it to be so nice. Here's a photo of me wearing it with only one coat. You can clearly see that it has a great color pay off, something which I didn't feel in their old nail polishes.

One coat

Two coats

Photo with better lighting

As you can see, it really has a nice color. I am in love with the shade. Its exactly the color I have been looking for. The consistency is very nice, not too thick which makes it easier to apply. It also dries pretty fast which is a good thing. And it also has a shiny finish which shines when light strikes.

What can I say? I guess Klik improved their products and I can see that it is indeed better than before. I am definitely going to buy a few more bottles to try and see if its as pretty as this one.

P.S. I am going to post my NOTD in the next blog and this is the nail polish that I used for the base =)