Friday, September 30, 2011

Blog Giveaways for October

Hey guys, just thought you might be interested to check out these fab giveaways that out fellow bloggers are hosting :) I love joining giveaways, and of course I'll be happier if I win. So now I'll share them to you, have fun giveaway hopping =)

What my Nails Need

Today is the last day of September. Although I have been blogging but I have seem to missed out on something, doing my nails :( I haven't been able to do some nail art and NOTDs mainly because I have been looking for stuffs to use and inspirations. 

I search through Born Pretty Store for nail art related items and true enough, I found a lot which I could definitely use. Here are the items that I found, ad I'm going to share them. If you want to purchase them, just click on the link and you'll be redirected to the site where you can purchase them =)

Seriously, these products are super affordable, and what makes it even better is that you can purchase this at no additional charge because Born Pretty Store offers free shipping! Yay, I still have credits on my account there and I might use it to purchase these stuffs ^_^

Give your Dog a Healthy Lifestyle with Hill's Science Diet

Having a pet is a very wonderful thing. You get to share life's happiness and sadness not only to your friends and family, but also to your pet animals as well. There is a certain joy and happiness that can only be brought about by having pets. From cats to rabbits and birds and fishes, there are actually a lot of animals that we can have as a pet. But the most common pet animal of all are dogs, thus the name "man's bestfriend", followed by cats.

Taking care of your pet dog is not easy. You have to feed it and clean it. You also have to make sure that it is healthy at all times and is not sick. Usually dogs eat any food, but there are certain foods that must be fed to them to ensure that they are physically fit and strong. As I researched about the best dog foods and how to care for them, I stumbled upon Science Diet® Healthy Mobility dog food. With further reading I also saw that Hill's Pet Nutrition is also currently running a Healthy Mobility Challenge, and if you register now you'll automatically get $30 of Hill's Healthy Mobility Coupon  Aside from this, you will automatically get an entry in the Healthy Mobility Challenge Sweepstakes wherein 30 winners will be drawn and each will win a one year supply of free pet food! This would mean a year of healthy diet and food intake for your pet. For more details about this offer and sweepstakes, visit Hill's Healthy Mobility Challenge website. You can also check Hill's Pet Nutrition on Facebook

And of course, i wouldn't end this post without showing to you this cute friend of mine. He might seem tough because of his body built but the truth is that he is such a sweet pet.




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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hills Pet Nutrition. All opinions are 100% mine.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

I have only heard of Marc Jacobs in the fashion scene, and so I was surprised to receive these perfumes with their label.

White, Red, Light Blue, Light Green

The set I got was called Daisy by Marc Jacobs. It contains four bottles of perfumes with color coding, and the bottle covers are very cute :3 They are flower petals in shape, hmmm maybe because of the name Daisy? Lol

I am really in love with the cute packaging of these perfumes. When I finish all the bottles, I will definitely keep them for design purposes! As for the scent, I love it too. Its just of the right "scent", not too strong in my opinion.

The boxes/stand are also very nice and has got the same color.

Cute petal inspired bottle cover <3

Gotta love these perfumes <3

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MAX Lips Lipstick Swatches

Here's something that I got from my cousin who went to visit Holland a month ago. I'm not familiar with the brand, and I can't find anything on the Internet as well except for one YouTube advertisement. I guess this is not a popular brand, or maybe it is in Holland, but not worldwide. Its called MAX Lips, and I got two shades of lippies.

At first I thought its a Max Factor, but further researching on the internet told me its not. I really dont have a clue about this brand, but I dont mind because I got them as a gift anyway.

MAX Lips in Cherry Red

MAX Lips in Frozen Lilac

Of the two, I love the red one more because its a natural shade. I dont know about the frozen lilac shade but for me its to shimmery and the color is not suitable for daily wear, at least in my opinion.

Have you guy heard about this brand? Or do own anything from this brand? Im curious as to what other beauty products they have...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Work in Style with Express Business Suits

As a student who has just graduated, I have been busy everyday looking for jobs and attending job interviews. I actually had no preference when it comes to my outfit till I realized that your attire can affect the result of your job interview, and of course your work. It will reflect the kind of person you are and how you are as an employee. So then I started to change my outfits into something a little professional and fit for business activities.

As I was looking for possible outfits to wear, I came upon Express, an online shop with a wide range of products available. I browse through their "Work It" collection and was amazed at the wonderful pieces that they have! From men's clothing to women's suits, you will absolutely find an outfit to wear everyday. Here are two of my favorite pieces:

I love the white inner clothing on this outfit. It looks so professional but still very stylish.


This classic gray outfit is a very nice piece, it looks very fabulous.

All these and more can be found at their Business Suit Collection. You can check out their website at Express and find something for yourself. Plus, you can have a chance to win a $500 suiting makeover by entering the Express sweepstakes.

How about you guys? How do you find their suit collection? Do you also wear business attire for your work and job interviews? I'd love to hear from you so please do comment =)

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Express. All opinions are 100% mine.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Estee Lauder Eyeliner Pencil in Black {Product Review}

Im up again with another product to review. This time its my Estee Lauder Eyeliner Pencil in Black, which I already introduced in my last haul post. I have been using it for weeks already and so I am going to share my opinion and experience with this product :)

Estee Lauder Eyeliner Pencil in Black

The label's gone because of too much rubbing/cleaning haha

The tip of the pencil =)

I swatched the eyeliner on my hands and here's a photo. There are three lines, which means I swatched it once, twice and thrice.

Swatched; Once, Twice, Thrice

This time I draw a thicker line

The pencil was easy to use, I had no problem in drawing/swatching/creating the lines because it writes so easily and goes on smoothly. It's still new though, perhaps the reason why its like that, but I ave a feeling that this pencil eyeliner is a good one.

I then tried lining my upper lash line and waterline. For the upper lash, I had no problems with lining because it went smoothly. I only had a hard time with the waterline because my eyes kept on watering, making it almost impossible to draw a line. But with a few strokes here and there I was able to manage, and here's a photo of what I did.

Without Flash Photography || Outdoor Lights

Without Flash Photography || Normal Indoor Lights

With Flash Photography 

In my opinion, this is a good eyeliner if I were to base it on the price. Its easy to draw lines, even one stroke is enough already.

My Review

In terms of quality, I can say that this product is great. I got it for a very affordable price so I can say that its really a good one for that price. The only thing that I dont like about this eyeliner is that it can easily be removed with water. I tried to rub the lines on my hand using water and they were gone instantly. I also noticed the same on my waterline. I might not repurchase this one and I wouldn't recommend this product also because I know that there are a lot of other brands there that can do a better job.

How about you guys? What eyeliner are you currently using? I'm also looking into trying out the gel eyeliners because I have heard good reviews about them. What brand can you recommend? I'd really appreciate it if you can share to me some of your favorite eyeliners :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover {Product Review}

Hey guys. Today I'm going to do a review on The Body Shop's Camomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover. I got this one as a prize from a blog giveaway, and I was only able to try it out today.

I have a 250 mL bottle which in my opinion is too big, and could last up months since I don't really use these kind of stuffs. The bottle for me is nice because its a simple bottle container in white, with the prints printed clearly which makes reading instructions and etcetera easy.

The print on the bottle says its a gentle eye make-up remover, conditioning, softening and can be used to clean the lash and the eyelid. I have an oily skin and since this is suitable for all skin types, I gave it a try.

Bottle says its made in the UK, thus the English and the translation in idk what language it is. I love packaging which has instructions in English because it makes reading a lot easy. I remember getting stuffs mostly from China or Korea and believe me, reading the back prints is no easy job. I could only rely on photos for instructions if there are any, and it still isn't enough.

Ingredients at the back

Bottle cover, with brand name printed.

Okay so here is my eye with make-up. I was just playing around with my eye pencils and mascara in this look. You can say I'm practicing how to line my lashes, and I think I still have a long way to go. But I love the effect on this noobie make-up blaaah.

So after playing with make-up, I got a piece of clean cotton and pour an ample amount of the eye make-up remover on the cotton pad. I gently dabbed it into my lids, and onto my lashes as well. While doing this I suddenly felt a hot sensation on my eyelids. I don't know why that happened, prolly because this is my first time to do this, or does it really feel that way with make-up removers? I was even tempted to stop the application and wash it with water but then opted to finish removing the rest of the make-up and see what happens.

After successfully removing the make-up, here's how the cotton looked like. All the make-up were removed, and the cotton was all dirty.

My Review

* Gentle - I was really hoping for it to be painless, or at least no painful feeling while applying it. I mean, bottle says its gentle, so I don't know why it felt hot at first. Although nothing seriously happened, still I was frightened. My lids could get burned lol haha.

* Camomile - Hmmm I have never seen or smelled this one before so I have no idea how it smells like. I was thinking it would be floral-ish or something but this make-up remover in my opinion does not smell anything like camomile. It has a faint smell which I won't say I don't like but its not something I like either.

* Eye make-up Remover - As a make-up remover, I must say I am happy with how it was able to remove the make-up on my eyes. I didn't have a hard time removing my make-up with this one.

The Good
◘ Nice packaging
◘ Easy to use

◘ My lids felt hot at first
◘ Smell is not nice


If it wasn't for that hot feeling at first, I would have given this product a 4 out of 5 rating. But if I will base my ratings on what it does, I'd say its  a 5. For a make-up remover, I think this product is worth the try. I'm not sure about repurchasing because I don't know how much this cost but I might try to look for other alternatives that are locally available here.