Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kawaii Make-up Brushes from Born Pretty Store

Hi guys! Today I am going to show you some of the prettiest make up brushes that I found from Born Pretty Store. This shop is my go to shop if I am looking for affordable, fashionable and good quality make up products. Okay so as I have mentioned, I am looking for a brush set. And here are some of the prettiest ones that I found on the site..


10 pretty make up brushes for an affordable price! What I love about this set is that it has a really nice pink color, which screams *kawai* and *girly*. Also, the brush bag is to die for! The pattern, design and color is just too perfect.


If you must know, I love pink. And this black and white checkered brush bag with a touch of super hot pink is absolutely gorgeous! This set contains 12 make up brushes which are also in shades of pink. I love how this set screams class and sophistication.


Now this is what I call hot! Even the hair brushes are in pink *u* I am so inlove with this 9 piece brush set. It comes with a hot pink leather pouch too! Perfect for travel use anytime.


If you are looking for an affordable but still fashionable brush set, then you should check out this 5 piece brush set that comes in a cool striped pattern. Its really a must have, I am actually putting it in my cart right now :D And the price? Only $3. Yay!


When I first saw this set, I was like, "OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!" This 5 piece make up brush set is simple beautiful! The dotted pattern on the make up bag reminds me of Dolly Wink products. Just so kawaii.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Autumn Acorn

I've always loved autumn. And even though we dont have that season here, I sometimes act and dress up like its fall. Haha. Okay, I'm not sure about the "act", but the dress up is true. And so while I was trying to browse for autumn fashion, I came up with the idea of doing an autumn-ish nail art.

What do you think? Does it suit the fall season? For me it does. The colors reminds me of acorns, or is that how it is called? I think I just heard of that "fruit" or what, but if I remember it right, its kinda similar to a nut, or was it a corn? Lol.

And also, I think its a great color combination, since we all fell in love with the ombre trend. I just used colors which are very in-nature, thus the dull or lifeless shades. Afterall, autumn is fall, which signals the start of being lifeless (for me thats how I see the turnabouts of the 4 seasons).

I'm just not good with lines, so please excuse the messy application and uneven nails.

All in all, what can you say about this nail art design? Is it a yay or a nay? I feel like my nail art designs are becoming simple these past times that I am able to do my nails. Hmmm. I guess I need an inspiration so that I can get back to my usual designs.