Friday, November 22, 2013

Pastels and Prints

Ahhhhhhhhhh. I know the random pattern/prints are trendy these days, and of course I had to jump right into the band wagon and join the club. Hoho. So yeah, meet my phone's Aztec print case/cover. I didn't really choose this particular one, I just had no choice cos its this or nothing O_x . But still, I'm happy that I got this cos its still pretty cool plus it keeps my phone safe cos sometimes it falls off my bed at night when I am sleeping zzzz.

Also, I had on a new color on my nails. I forgot the nail polish color, but it was just a cheap bottle that I got from somewhere I forgot also(boo!) Anyways, I love this shade cos green was my first favorite color. Does this shade pass as a pastel? Im not sure, but it also looks like a shade of mint to me.

xxxxx. Sorry for being MIA for so long. Ive been wanting to go back to writing, but then with the recent calamities that hit out place (earthquake and super typhoon), I wasn't really able to do much yet, except for sleeping and eating and watching the news. Honestly, I was really scared. And with the aftershocks still coming even after a month, and also the 4.5 magnitude earthquake I experienced again last Wednesday, I am really in a state of blankness (if there's such thing). It took me weeks before I was able to go out the house or surf the internet. Hell, I even missed out on the October 22 episode of Pretty Little Liars! (Yup!~, I am pissed.) Also I am pretty much behind The Vampire Diaries eps :(( Really. The calamities have taken its toll on me and my usual internet life lol. But still, I am thankful cos despite everything, we are safe and I think thats all that matters to me now.

Maybe in a few days my life will be back to normal. I am surely hoping xx. And hopefully, the Christmas season will bring hope and happiness to all of us to be once again happy, just like how it was before these tragedies :)