Sunday, May 29, 2011

NOTD: Aqua Jean Nail Polish with Rhinestones from Born Pretty Store

Yesterday I bought another nail polish because I felt like the ones I had were already old and they look boring to me. I got myself a cheap bottle of nail polish because I'm broke haha. The label says the color/shade is Aqua Jean. Quite unique name for a shade of nail polish. I tried it on last night and I was happy with the result. It looked kind of pastel-ish to me, which I prefer because of the spring/summer season. Also, since it was looking so kind of plain, I decided to decorate it with rhinestones, the one I got from Born Pretty Store :)

Okay so I started my nails with the Aqua Jean Nail Polish as the base. I tried one coat and since it was kind of not enough for me so I gave it another coating. I just had 2 coats as I was already happy with the outcome.

Aqua Jean Nail Polish - one coating only.

Since I'm still a newbie when it comes to rhinestone decos, I just had the usual and I think the simpliest design- flowers :D

 Lol my cellphone's got animal printed

Kawaii ^_^

Friday, May 27, 2011

KKcenterhk Keep Beauty Lucky Draw


KKcenterhk, I Heart Beauty Lucky Draw


Hello, all the beauties.

Have you purchases eyelashes, eyshadow, wigs or nails on KKcenterhk Online Shop?

KKcenterhk Based on Hong Kong and one-stop online shop in Hong Kong.

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KKcenterhk, I Heart Beauty Lucky Draw

YOUTUBE Video Part 1:
YOUTUBE Video Part 2:

Terms and Conditions
-Event period from 1 June 2011
-All the beauties must order before the 1 August 2011 on in order to qualify.
-The result will notifly on 15 August 2011
-KKcenterhk will notifly 3 video a week, till end notifly 10 winners.
-After notifly the winner of each video, the winner will have 2 WEEKS choose your favourite item.
-KKcenterhk provided 10 catagories for this event, every catagories will be fix prize amount.
-Just can choose your favourite item in that catagory which belongs to you.
-There are different prize amount for difference catagories, the range between US$ 24- US$3.5( Free Worldwide Shipping)
-Can not change other catagory which NOT belong to you and the prize can not exchange into money.
-KKcenterhk will contact the winners in email.
-After choosing your favourite item in that area, send a email to KKcenterhk with your favourite item.
-KKcenterhk will reply a confirm email to you.
-If KKcenterhk  have not received any reply, KKcenterhk will cancel the prize and that winner automatically without any notice.
-The shipping address will according to the participators Billing Address. Please clarify the billing address and do not change it.
-All the prize are free and included worldwide standard shipping
-All the parcel will ship by normal air mail without tracking number, shipping will takes more than 15 working days(extra pay US$3 included tracking number).
-If the mail lost or the product damage, KKcenterhk will not re-send or refund.
-One order number one chance and the order number will be use by lucky draw.
-Any dispute arsing of this event, KKcenterhk will be the final decision and conclusive.
-KKcenterhk reserves the right to change terms and conditions upon notice.
-If you have any problems or questions, live_chat with us or contact us or leave your message on KKcenterhk facebook fan page.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gray Sexy Skull Print Leggings Tight Women Rock Pants from PrettyImpress

Hi guys :) This is another quick post.. Remember the Gray Sexy Skull Print Leggings Tight Women Rock Pants that I posted on my wish list? Well, I finally bought them and they arrived sometime last week :)

 cool print.

I ordered this pair of cool leggings from PrettyImpress. It cost me $5.57 which was quite affordable so I ordered one, plus its free shipping.
It comes in free size, which I expected to be okay since I usually fit in free sized clothing. But this one is kinda smaller and tighter for me, but it doesn't matter. I originally wanted the black one but since it has been out of stock for months, I decided to stick with the gray one. Yay~ will do an outfit post soon.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Andy's Late Birthday Celebration

Last May 24th, Tuesday, we celebrated a friend's birthday. Actually, the birthday was on the 23rd of May but because of some blahhs, we had to celebrate it the next day :)

Andrea, the birthday girl, treated us to dinner at Bigby's in Ayala Center Cebu (yeah coz she is rich haha). We each had our own orders paired with bottomless drinks. The three of them (Andy, Arlyn and Mariane) had Iced Tea while I choose Coke. Funny thing was, our glasses smells of liquid soap or something. So we actually called their attention and and the glasses changed. It would have been better if they charged it free for us lol.

Lol anyways, food there was okay but kinda big or too much for me so I wasn't able to eat all. I had Porky Steak (funny name, reminds me of Porky Pig from that cartoon show).

Porky Steak for me, with the ew beans? Haha

After eating and some chit-chat, with of course photo sessions, we asked one of their waitress to take a photo of the group. It took her something like 3 tries before she finally said that the photo is now okay.

From L-R: Me, Andy (birthday girl), Arlyn and Mariane :)

Mariane said I looked pregnant on the picture. NOT! Haha I think its air thats inside, my polo just filled itself with air lol.

 Stolen shot..

After eating, we went outside the Terraces for more photo sessions. After that, we all went home. Yay, thanks for the treat Andy! I'll just post some of them here. Enjoy!

 LR: Mariane, Me, Arlyn (Same pose?)


While going down the escalator.. Blurry?

LR: Me, Andy, Arlyn

Another funny pic of me. LOL

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Korean Beauty Product Samples from iheartkoreanbeauty

I am currently into Korean beauty products, specifically BB Creams, Toners, Facial Wash, Masks and many more ever since I started reading other blogger's blog. And since we don't have most of the products that they use here in the Philippines, I can't really try and see for myself the results of such amazing products. As of now, I can only think of Etude House as the only Korean Beauty Product store that's here in Cebu.

So anyways, I found this Korean Beauty Product Store online that sells items that I have been dying to try. iheartkoreanbeauty is an online shop that sells beauty products from Korea mostly. These are the things you see on TV being used by these pretty and handsome Koreans ^_^ Aside from selling items, they are also willing to send customers samples of products that they want to try. The samples are absolutely free, but you have to pay for the shipping and an additional $1 for the packaging :) And since I really wanted to try a few products, I immediately ordered samples worth $6 or something. The packaged arrived within a week which was very very fast already! I have already tried using few of the products and I will review them as soon as I can :)

Anyways, here is a rundown of what I got. I'll just list them first here and show photos. A detailed discussion on each will just follow on my reviews =)
  • Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off
  • Baviphat BB Magic Girls
  • St. Herb Rose Micro Whip Foam (Firming)
  • Jasmine Water BB Cream SPF 30
  • Gold Caviar BB Cream SPF 50
  • Holika Holika All that BB SPF 27
  • Holika Holika Baby Bloom Moisture BB Cream SPF 25
  • Gem Miracle Diamond Cutting V Lifting Toner
  • Gem Miracle Diamond Cutting V Lifting Emulsion
  • Innisfree Olive Real Skin
  • Innisfree Olive Real Lotion


Okay so I think thats all :) Im really excited to try all of them and see the results. Watch out for reviews =)