Wednesday, August 27, 2014

$1 Eyeglasses Coming on August 28, 2014

Are you in need of new glasses but you are hesitant because of their high prices? Desire the versatility of several pairs of eyeglasses without the usual high investment? which offers chic and superior eye-wear at affordable prices is having a $1 eyeglasses campaign!

Due to the very low prices of the glasses, the time of the campaign is limited (only one week from Aug. 28 to Sept 3); so are the quantities of available frames and lenses, 9 different styles of eyeglasses will be updated everyday. During that period of time, you will be able to buy particular prescription eyeglasses for only $1. 

Head over to and plan your future eye-wear wardrobe!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bloominous - DIY Flowers Made Easy

Floral arrangements are a must at weddings. And with all the planning and designing, brides almost never find time to prepare for this, which is basically something I consider that would make or break the wedding. Ive never been good when it comes to floral arrangements, that's something I leave to the professionals. But sometimes they just cant deliver what you really want. And I have never been so glad in my life to come across what I consider as an event lifesaver- Bloominous.

Bloominous is an online shop that caters to all your wedding flower arrangement needs. All these and more, you can do at the comforts of your own home. The idea is actually very simple, all you have to do is choose which flowers you want and they will take care of the rest. The kit will be delivered to you, and everything you need to make that perfect bouquet is right at your doorstep in no time,

What makes it even more fun is that they have five different collections that you can choose from. So no matter what the theme of the event is, you'll be sure to find the perfect floral arrangement! Here are the different themes that you can choose from.

Party Pop Collection

This just screams "pink" in all direction! I really like this one because its so sweet and girly. The colors of the flowers stands out, giving the atmosphere that sweet feel.

Vintage Cottage Collection

This collection is classy at best. Its also french inspired, which makes the setting more romantic. The colors are simple but elegant, making it perfect for weddings.

Bohemian Desert Collection

For any fun events, this theme would be so perfect. The different colored flowers complements the whole setting, giving the place a playful and colorful atmosphere. The pop of colors on the florals are very unique and pretty too.

Country Charm Collection

I love sunflowers! And this collection will not disappoint. Ive always been fond of country living, and the bright yellow colors of the flowers displays that country feel.

Eco Chic Collection

Simplicity is indeed beauty. I like how subtle the decoration is, but still exudes classiness and elegance. This would be perfect if you are looking for floral arrangements that aren't overboard with decorations.

Lovely isnt it? Bloominous takes into consideration their clients, and their passion for this craft is something that you will see in their products. Here are some reasons as to why they are on top of their crafts:
  • When they say easy DIY, they really meant it.  The set comes with cut to order, dethorned and trimmed flowers, all prepped and ready for use.
  • All kits bought comes with easy to follow photo instructions and accessories, which makes assembling easier and faster. They also provide flower care products to make the arrangement last longer.
  • They have a team of professionals working to provide customers with only the best.
Plus, the pricing on each set is truly affordable. This gives you at elast 30%-50% discount compared to floral shops. Not to mention, having fun while making these DIY. Its a win-win situation.

To learn more about the shop and its amazing services, you can check check them out at the following sites:

Official Website: Bloominous ; Facebook ; Instagram ; Pinterest ; Twitter

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Review: Sophie Lipstick in Ice Pink (SLPK01)

The weather's pretty gloomy these past few weeks. I have a feeling another typhoon is coming :3 So today I decided to do a review of one of my lip products, the Sophie Lipstick in Ice Pink. Ive had this item for a year or two I guess, so now I can properly give it a review :)

The packaging is very cute and simple. Its a black tube with floral prints and the company logo printed in pink! Yay.

I really loved the floral designs on the tube. Pink and black is really a very good color combination on beauty products because I feel like they entice more people to buy them because of cuteness overload.

I bought this lipstick at a very affordable price, more or less $2. I think there are 3 or 4 more shades in this line, and I got this shade which is called Ice Pink and another one called Cotton Peach.

Also printed on the tube is the expiry date of the product which is on 2015. I think its also important that expiry dates be printed on any beauty products because we would know when to throw away products that are no longer suitable for use. I always check for labels and ingredients of products I use too.

The color name really suits this lipstick because its a pretty Ice Pink in shade. I think this color became a trend in the last 2 years? I remember seeing this lipstick color being worn all over beauty bloglandia and I was dying to try it also. Perhaps that was one of the reasons why I got this haha. Here are some photos of the lipstick.

without flash

with flash

This lipstick has a matte finish, so if you wanted something that is not sticky like lipglosses, then you should give this a try. But the downside of it is that I find it a little hard to apply because of its consistency. So it would help if you apply lip balm on your lips first for the lipstick to glide on smoothly.

But the good thing is that this lipstick surprisingly lasts longer. I guess we all have to thank its matte consistency as being the reason why it does not come of easily, even when I was eating and drinking.

And now here is a photo comparison of the lipstick when worn. Its really a vibrant pink, but when light shines on it (like camera flash) it somewhat turns into a purplish pink. Or something purple-ish. Still, its a pretty color I must say.

lipstick on lower lips

lipstick on both lips

And lastly, here is a #shamelessselfie, as what its called on instagram. Hehe :P Overall, I dont think this color is a good match for me for daily use. Although I would use it for parties or night out or special occasion, just not for daily use because I find it too flashy for my liking.

+ affordable
+ avalable locally
+ matte finish
+ lasts longer
+ nice color
+ durable
+ nice packaging

- a little difficult to apply

And thats it! Hopefully I will be posting a review of the other Sophie Lipstick that I own next. I now have time to blog and take photos so I hope I can keep up with daily posting. I kinda went MIA for a year and I want to be back on track with posting. Happy reading! :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

50 Shades of Black and Gray (OOTD)

Today we went to the Church. And I made the mistake of washing all my shoes (aka vans, converse and keds) yesterday, so today I was faced with the problem of what to wear because I dont have any sneakers to use. So I went out of my usual T-Shirt-Skinny Jeans-Sneakers combo and wore something I dont usually wear because its not really my style (but I do love dressing up sometimes).

Coordinates: Gray Long Sleeves Top (thrifted), Black Skorts (mall), Black Oxford (mall), Small Black Chain Messenger Bag (gift)

This outfit is too girly for me, and I dont ear cutesy stuffs daily because I feel like it takes too much time to prepare the outfits to wear and accessories to match and etcetera. But I will plead guilty of browsing outfits online. Haha. I love looking at fashion posts especially on Tumblr, Instagram and WeHeartIt.

Ive had this gray top for years already and surprisingly it still fits me. I got it at a thrift shop for $1. I really liked the ribbon style collar on this top. The black skort was a sale item, only $2 yay! Ive always wanted a skort because it looks really pretty. Sadly I dont think I have the height to wear such outfits lol.

Ze camera does not do justice on my outfit :( I also used this chain body bag that my aunt from Australia gave me. Its quite small, and can only fit a few necessities like mobile phones, money, cards and keys.

Here's a closeup shot of the bag. Ribbons! I love bows and this one is so cute. Too bad its just a small bag though.

Ribbon detail on the bag :3

And here is one on my shoes. Haha. Actually these were color gray, but I hand painted it black because I feel like black is a prettier color, plus it would be easier to match it with any outfits.

The weather was pretty warm earlier, but as Im typing this post as of now its raining hard. The weather is really so bipolar these months. One of the reasons why Im too lazy to dress up because I dont know what weather we will have in the next few hours haha.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Romwe World Cup Flash Sale! Ends in 72 Hours

With all the buzz the World Cup has, one still cant forget to be fashionable. I am so happy that Romwe has a 72 hours sale on which items are only at $12.99! What a steal! Here are a few of my favorite picks from this sale.

Oh my god, I cant believe how affordable and pretty these items are! So if you guys are planning to buy a few stuff from Romwe, you better hurry cos most of the items are already out of stock. Wow. A lot of people must have been shopping. Well, if you did buy things from them then please do show me. I'd love to see them :)

Born Pretty Store Wishlist (Make Up Edition)

Im trying to put together some stuffs for my make up bag, and so what better place to browse and shop than my favorite online shop, Born Pretty Store. I really like shopping on here because they're a trusted shop, the staff are very accommodating, not to mention they have cheap but good quality products and most of all, free shipping! So, here are a few items that I am eying up and wishing to own in the next few months. Come check them out with me.

Green Professional Cream Foundation - $5.54

Im still low on $$$ right now but I will sure get these stuffs when I have funds. Haha. I especially love the lip pencils (I have an obsession with lip products). Yay. Cant wait.

What about you guys? Have you bought anything from Born Pretty Store yet? Please show me some of the items you've got from, I love reading haul posts and reviews :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Giveaway! Win a $25 Voucher to Spend at

Ive always had a passion for the arts. I mean, I wont claim to be an artist, but lets face it. We all had that phase once in our life wherein we wasted tons and tons of notebooks and bond papers trying to draw or paint something. Cos I did. Haha. Maybe when I become famous one day, Ill call myself The Frustrated Artist haha.

So I've been decorating my new room and I'm trying to find some cool art pieces to put on m walls. I tried the whole DIY thing but to no avail. Good thing I came across, a site which sells really really pretty paintings. They have a vast array of different painting designs, from landscapes to nature and from different styles, you will surely enjoy browsing through their site. I have been looking at a few pieces which I think will fit my room. Here are a few art pieces that I would love to own, someday.

I have always liked black and white, and the combination of both colors on this piece, plus a few colorful details really made it beautiful for me. Its very simple yet very sophisticated and I just love looking at this. This would definitely look good on my headboard. 

Ever since I learned how to use the photoshop, I've been trying to do those very popular Andy Warhol pop art thing. And this Andy Warhol design is just so beautiful! I love the pop of colors, truly a very very nice piece of art.


And of course, my life long dream of waking up to the beautiful photo of the Eiffel Tower. This oil painting reproduction is truly a wonderful view.

And now for the good news... Up for grabs is $75 vouchers in total which will be given in $25 to 3 winners. Each winner can use the voucher once. And also please take note that the voucher only applies to all paintings on, but cannot be combined with other coupon. The voucher does not apply to custom orders also. The price can be used on any paintings in, including the week deal special paintings, so you can get an amazing hand-painted painting that costs less than $30 using the $25 voucher.

So how do you win this giveaway? The instructions are pretty simple and easy to do, without much requirement. Just make sure to follow each carefully and don't forget to comment back your entries :)

  • Tweet about this giveaway. Sample Tweet: Win a $25 Voucher to Spend at! Check out @jelovrboard's giveaway at
  • Follow my blog via GFC/Bloglovin.
  • Check out and tell me which painting is your favorite.
Pretty simple right? So goodluck guys and I'll be posting the winner in a week. Have a happy weekend! :)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Review: IN2IT Lasting Lipstick in Carnelian (LA 04)

Hi :) I have finally found time to blog today, and Im going to do a product review of an item which I bought a month or two ago. I hope you find this review hopeful especially if you come across this product brand in the near future.

So today's product review is about IN2IT Long Lasting Lipstick. I have seen this brand in Watsons a few times already but havent got the chance to buy anything yet, except for one or two items. Its actually pretty cheap in normal beauty product standards, but being a cheapo I still find it a little expensive haha. I think this is an Asian product if my memory serves me right.

One thing I like about the brand is that it has really cute packaging for its products. Like this lipstick for example, the outside packaging is really very simple, with a delicate and cutesy drawing and what seems to be little rhinestones of some sort. Its really really pretty!

The shade I got is called Carnelian, which is actually kind of pink/nude-ish in shade. Im not really good at describing colors, but according to the sales girl this is a brownish shade with pink undertones? Im not sure if I got it right, but oh well, its still a pretty color suitable for daily wear.

I have a Sophie Lipstick and it looks like this one, but its cheaper. I might review it here and compare the colors to see if its indeed a dupe of some sort.

excuse my chipped nails lol

I tried it on my lower lips for comparison to see the difference. As you can see, it comes off as a pinkish color but dont be fooled its actually brownish haha. And yeah, I have darker lips lol.

And after I applied the lipstick on my lips, here is the outcome. I actually like it, knowing that I am not a fan of this kinds of colors. But its actually nice and wearable. This would definitely be perfect for daily use, be it in school or work.

What do you think? I did like the lipstick after all, specially since its quite easy to apply as it slides on easily. Also its not sticky like most lipstick, so I had no problem wearing it the whole time. It lasted the whole day on me too, with occasional eating/drinking.

Would I repurchase? I dont think so. I have seen cheaper lipstick brands which has more or less the same color and is quite good too, so I might just stick on those brands. But if you want to try a new brand, then you should check out IN2IT Cosmetics and you wont regret it.

And to end this review, here's a selfie from me. Messy hair, dont care *u* haha. Till next blog post :) Thanks for reading and hope you learned something from meh :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Firmoo Summer Discount! 50% Off Sunglasses

Summer is definitely here, at least for most of us around the world. And what better way to be fashionable this time around than by donning our very own pair of sunglasses! Yay. Good thing Firmoo has a summer sale going on right now. Come check it out.

Firmoo 2014 summer new arrivals are on the shelf and has more styles and designs for you guys to choose from! They are now offering exclusive 50% discount for new customers.

This offer is not only available for new arrivals but also for other products storewide. Don't miss out this opportunity to get yourself some cool new glasses! Use the code FIRST50 and get 50% off your purchases.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day 1: A Total Inventory of All the Makeup and Makeup Tools You Own

Okay so before I start this post, let me just warn you that you wont be seeing much. As I dont really use a lot of make up and stuffs mainly because I like to keep my face clean. I'm more of an eyeliner - lipstick kind of girl, so that's prolly my most important make up item. But I still buy and use other stuffs, just not that much :P

Anyways, here are a few of my make up and make up tools. Some might be missing cos I think I lost them when we moved. Or my little sister hid them. Again.

As you can see, there's only a few. I dont use that much tools. And most of my items are lip products, cos its what I am really really fond of.

This is all that I've gathered

I think this is something that I'll always be guilty of. Its like everytime I see a lippy that looks pretty, I get this feeling that I just have to have it :((. But then I try to restrain myself from buying a lot because I dont want them to waste, seeing that I also dont use them a lot. Idk, I just want to collect.

Top: Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Lipstick (both are in shades of red but with different names)
Middle (L-R): Elana Minerals Lip Tint, Nyx Round Lipgloss in Apricot and True Red, Sophie Paris Lipstick in Ice Pink, Nichido Matte Lipstick in Love Potion, Maybelline Baby Lips Color in Pink Peony, Maybelline Baby Lips in Oxidizing Berry, Nyx Round Lipstick in Chic, Sophie Paris Lipstick in Cotton Peach
Bottom: Nyx Lip Liner Pencil in Coral, Nyx Long Pencil Lip Liner in Pinky

I am thinking of buying a few products soon, maybe when the weather is good enough for make up not to melt. But for now since its so hot, make up is not an option so I'll just be happy with these tools haha. Also, I have a heated eyelash curler but I cant seem to find it.

Top-Bottom: Something for the eyebrows (idk what its called lol), Real Techniques Brushes

Aside from the basic eyeliner and lippies, I also love blush on. Though seldom used, from time to time I apply one just to put a little color on my cheeks or for a fresher look.

Top: Pink Powder Blush (forgot the brand), Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Blush in Fresh Coral, Nichido Cheek Tint
Bottom: Avon Face Pearls, Maybelline Cheeky Glow in Fresh Coral

Ahhh! Another guilty pleasure. This is more of a collection rather than something that I really need or use. I mean, I would really really love to be able to use them but since I am yet to learn how to apply eyeshadow so these might just have to wait.

Top: Ever Bilena Dual Eyeshadow, Carmela Quad Eyeshadow, Maybelline Eye Studio Lumineyes Shadow
Middle: Sugarpill Cosmetics Pressed Eyeshadow in Afterpart, Tako, Dollipop and Midori
Bottom: BH Cosmetics 88 Color Tropical Matte Eyeshadow Palette, Maybelline Falsies Mascara, Nichido 2-n-1 Mascara, Wet n Wild Eyeliner, Yves Rocher Super Pulp Volumizing Mascara

Sometimes if I dont feel like putting something on my face, all I need is a good moisturizer and Im good to go. The weather doesnt permit me to layer up on foundation and bb cream *sigh*

Top: Wet n Wild Ultimate Sheer Tinted Moisturiser, Foundation (I forgot the brand), Kokuryu Summer Cake Foundation, Myra Face Moisturiser
Bottom: Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Shine-Free Foundation, Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream Stick

I am definitely getting more soon, in the near future. Or maybe when I move out and get a job? Haha. But I am surely going to buy more.