Saturday, April 28, 2012

Review: Dearlee Candy Color Nail Polish in Apple Green from Born Pretty Store

Yay finally an apple green nail polish that feeds my craving for pastel and summer-ish nail polishes. A big thank you to Born Pretty Store for offering me to try out and review this Dearlee Candy Color Nail Polish ♥ . If you happen to check this nail polish on their shop, you'll see that its part of a nail polish kit or collection, with a total of 8 candy colored nail polish.

These nail polishes are really perfect for suuummmmmerrr! Haha. Anyways on to the nail polish that I got, here is an honest review and some swatches for you guys :)

This nail polish has a bright green shade which resembles that of an apple, thus the name Apple Green. The bottle reminds me of those nail polishes from OPI and I find it adorable. But I got confused about the nail polish after a while because the brush handle has a design similar to that of the crackling nail polishes. But then again, it isn't one of those crackle thing, its just a plain nail polish. The brand I guess is Dearlee, which seems so asian to me (specifically Korean-ish. Lol I am thinking of Lee Min Ho now haha).

At the back the ingredients are written as follows: Butylacetate, Ethyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Isopropyl Alcohol, Stearalkonium Hectorite.

Haha crackles? NOT

The shade is very very much the same as the ones in the photo, and its really an apple green. Consistency is thick and can be applied in one or two coats to reach the desired color. The brush is thick which made it easier for me to apply the nail polish (but still I am not good at doing it :| )

And here it is on my nails. It looks somewhat different in color as I am only using my mobile phone and the setting is in night mode.. But you can clearly see that its a bright apple green shade and I love it. Green used to be my favorite color before purple came to view but now I think I am going to be using this nail polish a lot =)

And because I am a noob at nail polish application, mine turned out to be streaky and just ugly so I had to go for three coats to achieve my desired shade.

Overall, I am really happy with this nail polish. It is sometimes difficult to look for nail polishes that has the same color as the ones on the bottle as some can be confusing and turn out to be sheer, but this particular one isn't because what you see is what you get.

This nail polish retails for $4.39 on Born Pretty Store. But if you buy all 8 shades you'll only be paying $30.43 which is a huge saving of course. And if you want to save an additional 10%, just use the coupon code JELW21 upon checkout to receive 10% off your total order. BPS ships worldwide for free and that's another saving :)

 I am really happy and glad that I got the chance to receive this product. I am hoping to get my hands on the remaining 7 colors soon so that I will have a complete collection of all 8 summer nail polishes which I am really looking forward :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

NOTD: Sparkles and Stones

Its been a while since I last posted an NOTD. I miss the times when I was still super excited and have so much enthusiast on nail art and stuffs. But I dont mean that I am no longer interested in them. Its just that I am super bombarded with stuffs nowadays compared to last year. With work and all, I barely have time to check my nails. And so with every opportunity I get, I try my best to attend to my usual stuffs like blogging and painting my nail :)

So anyways today I am going to show swatches of my new nail polish, as well as an NOTD that I did with it. Remember that pastel pink nail polish that I bought from a Chinese store? Well here it is.

I really thought it was a pastel pink because it was near the pastel blue that I bought. Turns out that its a sheer shade, almost nude. And worse, its got glitters and sparkles inside. Well not really a bad thing but its just disappointment speaking because I was clearly thinking of something else. But never mind, I am not going to make a fuss out of my mistake :p

Its like a peach shade. Or almost nude. Or flesh perhaps? I dont know. All I know is that its not a pastel pink *u*

Under the direct sunlight its barely noticeable. And I hate the sight of my nails naked because I am used to it having wild colors lol :p

But with indoor lighting a pale shade comes out, but still its not that pastel pink I want >_<

And so I decided to play with it a bit. I got my good old bottle of Wet n Wild's Hannah Pinktana, which is by the way one of my favorite nail polishes. I applied one coat on top of that sheer thing and voilah~ a new and better look :)

As I was returning the bottle to my box, I noticed my rhinestones from Born Pretty Store. I still have 2 wheels unused so I decided to use the already opened wheel and added rhinestones to my nails. I was trying to go for something flag inspired but failed miserably so I just started putting random stones on my finger, filling up all the spaces.

Looks weird eh? But definitely cool. Next time I'm going to go for studs haha. Enjoy the rest of the photos :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cheap Nail Polishes at some Chinese Store

While buying something for my little sister, I saw this newly opened Salon and Beauty products Shop at the downtown area and went inside to take a look. The place was really nice and there were a lot of stuffs inside I couldn't contain my excitement while looking at the products for sale. Of course I am not that interested in make ups as I have a lot already left unused so I instantly went to the nail polish station and grabbed three of what I thought were pretty :)

Pastel Blue, Nude-ish/Pink-ish, Jade Green

Its already summer here in the Philippines, and I was thinking of pastel colors to compliment the weather so I bought these pink and blue nail polishes. I really thought the pink was a pastel pink one, but turns out it is not. You'll see the real shade on my next posts about these nail polishes.

What's weird is that there are balls on the top part of the nail polishes. I was bothered at first as to why they are there but then I remember some branded nail polishes that I have also have "balls" inside the bottle. Well I haven't seen them yet but I can definitely hear them when shaking the bottle, so I guess the purpose is the same for these cheap ones.

"Balls" on the Nail Polish Brush O_O

The blue is actually a favorite of mine becuase the shade is just so adorable, its blue and pastel like <3

And since it has no brand whatsoever, the shade name is also missing. But there's a number code to indicate the shade. I have seen similar color coding on Etude House's Nail Polishes, though I think the korean blahs on the bottom sticker says its shade and I just can't read it haha.

Same goes for this pink one with the color code of A19 :p

And this green one remind me of Jade. Its a dark green something right? Haha This was my aunt's choice so I just had to say yeah okay I'll buy it too lol.

Unlike the other two, this does not have any color coding or name so I just gave it the color Jade Green because that's how it is to me :p

Anyways, I'll be swatching these nail polishes in a few days so that you can see how cheap nail polishes performs. And when I say cheap, I meant $0.23 each Haha. But then again, these are from China, so you guys might have issues with quality. I like to call these types as disposable nail polishes, the kind that I can throw after 2-3 used >:)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

FREE 1000 pcs of Bling Crystal Extensible Ring from Born Pretty Store

Hello everyone! I am back again with an exciting news to share :) On April 19, 2012, Born Pretty Store will be giving away 1000 pcs of their Bling Crystal Extensible Ring. Here's a photo of what we will be receiving if we are lucky enough.

The giveaway will be hosted on their Facebook Fan Page. The rules are pretty simple and easy to follow, so if you want to be one of the lucky 1000 people to receive the freebie, here's how.

1.   The simple rule is, you should like us on Facebook @BornPrettyStore2010   at first, then share this giveaway news with your friends and on your Facebook, Twitter, blog or some of your local websites. Then please   leave your sharing post link at the comment box when use the coupon code to check out the freebie, orders with a sharing post link will be shipped preferentially.

2. This time we would like to offer 1,000pcs of this product:

3. The coupon for this giveaway will be a total new code, so everyone has an opportunity to get it. Specific time and a special coupon code will be announced on the day in our website news, Facebook, Twitter and blog. If you want to get it, please pay close attention to the update information.

4. Only the first 1000 people who use the coupon successfully can get this freebie, so, if you want to get it successfully and smoothly, you can register on our website now and do something to prepare for it.
I have actually been receiving freebies from them from their giveaways and this time I am going to try my best to receive the freebie too ^_^ Haha I hope it will be smooth because I know a lot of customers will be rushing to the website to checkout the freebie :p Haha Anyways, I hope you guys also join this giveaway and receive the ring :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kawaii Bow Magnet Earrings

I saw this cute pair of earrings on a local store and I immediately knew I wanted it. As you all know, I'm a sucker for bows and I can't just resist this cute purple thing. So I bought it without checking it out. All I know was that I want it >:)

When I arrived at home I opened the packaging to wear it but was shock with what I saw. It wasn't like those ordinary earrings because this one was a magnetic one :| The pack didn't say anything, and it was my fault for not checking it out before purchasing..

But its just so adorable for me to just pass by.. So yeah, even though its weird coz its magnetic I am still happy with it. Maybe I just have to be careful when wearing it because it might fall off without me knowing..

ugly camera phone shot >_<

And here it is when worn. Haha it still looks like a normal pair of earrings.. But at the back lies the hidden truth, its only magnet :p

Have you tried magnetic earrings before? This is my first time and I am afraid of losing the earrings.. But don't worry its just cheap, but still the thought of losing it is still a sad thing.

P.S. Don't forget to join my current giveaway :) Be 1 of the 20 lucky winners of brand new pair of sunglasses from

Saturday, April 14, 2012

[CLOSED] GIVEAWAY: Win 1 of 20 Sunglasses from

Okay so after receiving my two pairs of glasses from, I am now back with another post for them. This time, it will be your chance to get your very own pair of glasses, free of charge :) The prizes are Wrap Around Sunglasses, which comes in 14 different designs.

For those of you who don't know what Wrap Around Sunglasses are, here's a brief description on Firmoo's website:

Wrap around sunglasses are better than other shades because of their wraparound design. First, they will offer better eye protection by preventing UV rays from more than one angle, the front and the sides. Second, they can shield wind or other fine articles from reaching your eyes. Third, you don't have to worry about your sunglasses falling off as your ordinary sunglasses do, these wraparound Rx sunglasses will cling firmly to your face. Fourth, as we know, the skin around our eyes is delicate and likely to get burned by strong UV rays. Wrap around sunglasses will protect the skin around your eyes by covering larger parts of your face with their distinct shapes. All and all, these features undoubtedly make wrap around sunglasses an ideal choice for you to enjoy comfort and fashion at the same time.
Like I said, there are 12 different designs to choose from. And 20 lucky blog readers will each win a pair! Hurrah *u* So here are the prizes that you will be choosing from :)

I so love the aviators! I didn't saw it at first so I wasn't able to choose it but I still love the design that I got :) Alternatively, you can check out each piece HERE. Which one is your favorite?

So now here goes the rules. I will keep it simple so that you won't have to do much of this and that. And oh, I'm using Rafflecopter for the first time to just see if it is really that amazing :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Elegant Freshwater Pearl Bracelet with Bangle from Born Pretty Store

Hi guys, just wanted to share to you a very simple but pretty pearl bracelet that I bought I think last year from Born Pretty Store :) I am not really into jewelries but I love collecting them. Pearls are very nice and elegant, and so anyone caught wearing them would definitely be amazing.

The pearls are super cute and shiny in person. Who would have thought that something this pretty would only cost me $3.19? Plus, if you use the coupon code JELW21, you'll get an additional 10% OFF plus FREE SHIPPING! Super affordable right? As for the quality, I'd say its okay for the price I paid.

Love this Elegant Freshwater Pearl Bracelet with Bangle from Born Pretty Store? Check it out HERE :)