Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why I Love RepairPal

I have always been a fan of cars and automobiles, especially those sports car type and vintage ones. By sports car I do not mean that I am a racer, but just a fan of those model cars. A few of my favorite car manufactures are Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Ferrari, BMW, Lotus and many more. I am not really knowledgeable when it comes to automobile specs because I tend to look out at the physical appearance rather than its functionality. Needless to say, I will like a car because of its design and looks. Here are a few of my favorite car models.

Volkswagen Beetle

Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder


Although these cars were made of only the best materials and are strongly built, we cant help but sometimes get engine troubles or problems about the cars not starting. And since I have vocally expressed that I don't have knowledge on this car repair stuffs, I know just the right place to sought for help.

RepairPal gives consumers all the information that they need fast and easy. You can also get insights, ideas and advices straight from certified car mechanics and other car enthusiasts as well. Also, you might be able to get hold of certain information which are not always available to the public. Other features includes RepairPrice Estimates, which includes a printable version of your service and repair charges that will be sent to your email. You can also search for an Auto Repair shop that is nearest to you via Shop Directory. They also have this My Car feature, which lets you store all service and repair information about your vehicle. Data will be more organized and will be easier for you to view using the My Car page. As an added feature, they also have an Encyclopedia wherein you can ask certain questions that you would want to be answered. All these and more features can only be provided to you by RepairPal. And the best thing about it? These features are free of charge :) 

By now you must have seen why RepairPal  is preferred by most car vehicles when it comes to their vehicle problems. If you want to know more about them, you can go visit their online website or contact them via email.

I hope I have been of help to you guys.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pinky Paradise, your one-stop online shop for your Circle Lenses Needs

If you are fond of using circle lenses, then this post is for all of you, ulzzang, gyaru, hime or just ordinary contact lens users :)

Today I got a coupon code from Pinky Paradise that I would want to share to you my readers. But first of all, I'd like to give an overview about the shop.

PinkyParadise.com started their online contact lens store business on 2005. They started with selling Korea color circle lens and slowly developed their own product range to various types of brands such as GnG, Dueba, Hana SPC, Seeshell , Geo Medical and etc. But today,they are already considered as one of the leading online seller that specializes on eye make over. They provide a One Stop Eye Beauty Platform  to the public which includes color circle lens, false eye leashes, eye liner, eye shadow and many more…

Here's what Pinky Paradise promises us customers:

  • Great choices. 350 plus choices ofcircle lenses, ranging from natural series, enlarging series to cosplay series)
  • Ready stocks. Products will be shippedout in 1-3 days.
  • More than just circle lenses. PP also carries lashes, mascara,facial mask to BB cream and etc
  • PinkyParadise is ‘your eye make up one-stop online beauty store’

I've checked out their site and wow, they really do live up to their slogan which is Your Eyes Speak because of their wide range of circle lenses! Here are a few of my top picks from them.

These are just a few of their hundreds of available lenses on their shop. And for the quality, the prices are really affordable because you can purchase a lens for as low as USD  15.90. Shipping Fee though may vary depending on your location but it is just very cheap (starting from $5), but if you have an order of more than $130 you can get FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.

Now aside from lenses, Pinky Paradise also sells BB Creams, Masks, Make-ups, False Eyelashes and some Hair Products. The brands that they carry includes Dolly Wink, Candy Doll, Melliesh, Baviphat, Etude House, Missha, Skin79, Koji, Decolog, Tony Moly and many others. You would really find tons of amazing buys here at Pinky Paradise.

Now remember me telling you at the beginning of the post about a coupon code that I am going to share? Here's how it works. Visit the website by clicking the banner below.

Upon checkout, enter the Coupon Code WHENTHREEISACROWD and here's what you can avail.
  1. Customers are entitled a FREE cute animal lens case PLUS mystery gifts.
  2. The coupon code can be stacked; If you purchase 3 pairs, you will get 3 lens case plus 3 mystery gifts.
  3. The code has no expired dates :)
So what are you waiting for? Head over to Pinky Paradise now and start browsing for your orders =)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Marry Me, Mary (Mary Stayed Out All Night) KDrama with Screenshots

  • TV Show: Marry Me, Mary!  / Mary Stayed Out All Night
  •  Revised romanization: Maerineun Uibakjoong
  •  Hangul: 매리는 외박중
  •  Director: Hong Seok-Ku, Kim Young-Kyoon
  •  Writer: Won Su-Yeon (comic), In Eun-A (ep.1-10), Ko Bong-Hwang (ep.11-16)
  •  Network: KBS2
  •  Episodes: 16
  •  Release Date: November 8 - December 28, 2010
  •  Runtime: Mondays and Tuesdays 21:55
  •  Language: Korean
  •  Country: South Korea

What the story is all about...

Mary (Moon Geun-Young) is a young woman with the energy of the sun. She looks like her late mother, but her hot temper comes straight from her deadbeat father (Park Sang-Myeon). Her father always makes troubles as a failed businessman, but Mary also loves him the most. Because Mary can't afford to pay her college tuition fees, she temporarily stops attending school. Without having any special skills, Mary starts to work odd jobs. One day, Mary's father proposes that Mary marries a man named Jung-In to pay off their debts. When Mary hears of her father's plan she devise her own plan. Mary takes fake wedding pictures with her new friend Mu-Gyul (Jang Geun-Suk), whom she has just met over the last couple of days. She sends the pictures to her father's cellphone with the message that this is the man she loves and will marry. Unfortunately for Mary, her deadbeat father has already registered a marriage certificate on her behalf with Jung-In! Jung-In then proposes that Marry spend 100 days of marriage with both men and decide whom she wants to live with. 

Mu-Gyul (Jang Geun-Suk) is the lead vocalist and guitarist for a rock band. He is chic and lives a carefree bohemian lifestyle. He doesn't talk much and only wants to make music. Mu-Gyul doesn't care about success. He also suffers trauma with his mother and, because of this, becomes tired of the women he dates and leaves them. Mu-Gyul is a bad guy to women. When it appears Mu-Gyul will never get married a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes about. He meets Mary, money becomes involved and a 100 days of marriage ensues. During this time, Mu-Gyul not knowing the meaning of family, surprisingly falls in love with Mary who is combative, loyal, and spunky. Mu-Gyul finds himself becoming a rival of Jung-In for Mary's love. 

Jung-In (Kim Jae-Wook) is the president of music company JI Entertainment producing a music drama. Jung-In was born into a wealthy family and has never lacked money. Jung-In is also good looking and has good manners. Because of this, Jung-In appears to be highly eligible bachelor for marriage. But, Jung-In also has a cold side - he doesn't like becoming too close to people. His weakest point is that he can never say no to his father. He enters into a 100 day fake marriage with Mary and soon falls in love with Mary. Jung-In also comes across Mu-Gyul who will help fulfill Jung-In's dream in the music world. Mu-Gyul will also become a rival for Jung-In over Marry. Then Seo-Jun enters the picture. 

Seo-Jun (Kim Hyo-Jin) is a sexy and sophisticated woman. She also comes from a rich family. Seo-Jun works as an actress, preferring to make movies rather than dramas. Seo-Jun broke up with Mu-Gyul about a year ago, but still occasionally attends his performances without his knowledge. She also has the same care-free spirit as Mu-Gyul. Seo-Jun then meets Mu-Gyul once again and makes a contract for a drama produced by Jung-In. Seo-Jun starts to develop feelings for Jung-In in a bizarre love triangle. 


I first started watching this kdrama early this year, but since there were newer kdramas that came out this year too, I ended up not finishing this one because I watched other kdramas first. But when this was shown here in the Philippines, I again started to watch it, and this time I'm already on episode 12. I'm pretty much sure that I won't find any DVDs yet so I opted to watch Marry Me, Mary online.

In my opinion, this is one fun kdrama that everybody should watch. It has lot of lessons being taught, one of which was how a person can change. I must say that this is one of my aboslute favorite kdramas and that you hsould watch it because its more of a romantic comedy :)

Anyways, here are some screenshots that I have captured while watching Marry Me, Marry online. Enjoy ^_^

joh-eun halu doeseyo !

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review - Black Crackling Nail Polish from Born Pretty Store

The nail polish I used in this post was provided by Born Pretty Store. Though this is a sponsored post, all opinions stated here are mine and are 100% honest.

2 Weeks ago I was given the chance to review a product from Born Pretty Store.  I was given the freedom to choose which item from their shop, and so I chose the Black Crackling Nail Polish as I am quite curious with it. I really wanted to have one, and since I can't find anything like that here I thought that this is a very good opportunity for me to try that popular product =)
Anyways, so the item arrived here yesterday which was quite a surprise for me. I've had other freebie items from them and the shipping usually takes a month, but this one took only 2 weeks more or less.

The nail polish was wrapped properly to ensure it won't break while being shipped. For some reasons I find this packaging very cute ^^

 Wrapped securely =)

 A little note... Or business card I guess?

Here's a photo of the nail polish. Unlike the usual nail polishes that I've seen, the Crackling Nail Polish has a quite interesting packaging. The bottle has a nice shape, and even the handle/cover of the bottle has a unique design too! Looking at the cover of the bottle you can readily tell that its a crackling nail polish. Amazing I must say.

On the bottle it says the Brand Name is Laushine. Haven't heard of it yet but I don't mind really. I'm more of after the result :) Also, since it is black, I cant say if this one is full up to the brim of the bottle.

I'm not sure if many of you have noticed, but when you try to shake the bottle you will hear some sounds. More of like balls rattling? Ahh yes, I guess they were placed inside the bottle on purpose to help in mixing the nail polish properly when you are shaking it.

Brand Name


I noticed that the brush for this nail polish is quite thick, which makes the application of nail polish easier. And even though its thick, it is still easy to use.

Thick blob of nail polish :P

And now I'm ready to start my nails~ I used this color of nail polish for the base mainly because its not shiny or glittery to look at. I thought that this would be best for crackling nail polishes...

Base Nail Polish

And after applying two coats of the crackling nail polish, here's the result ^_^

Random cracks :)

You have to be careful though as the nail polish dries fast, cause within seconds of application I've had cracks on my nail already! Wow super fast.

I know how top coats are necessary for the finishing but with the crackling polish I have realized that yes, top coats are indeed a must. If you look at the previous photo above you will notice that instead of a black color, the nail polish dries in a gray shade. Well its actually black when applied but somehow during the drying process it turns to gray. That's why after applying, you should put a top coat not just to avoid chipping but also to make the nail polish shiny and back to its original color.

Check out this next photo after the application of the top coat. Super shiny and its black now :)

I also tried another nail polish for the base on my other hand, and this time its a little bit shiny. I wanted to compare the cracks formed to see if there's a difference between matte and the shiny ones.

Turns out they're pretty much the same, which proves that the cracks are random.

Color: 5/5 Im a fan of black really, and I've been using black nail polishes most of the time because I find it cool and as you have known although I have this little girly type inside, I'm still a full pledged punk/rocker haha

Application: 4/5 The nail polish was easy to apply, and there were really no problems with regards to the brush. What I just hated was that the nail polish on the brush easily dries so I have to apply it on my nails real quick which was quite okay but a little hassle too.

Price: 5/5 For a crackling nail polish, this item is an ultimate steal! It's very affordable, plus its free shipping so you will really be able to save a lot. Perfect for those who are on a tight budget like me haha

Overall, I am very happy with the item. I am now looking into getting the other colors as the black one really impressed me. For years I have been into nail art, but now I am hooked to crackles :D The ones that I would love to try are the White, Pink, Purple, Green and Red Crackling Nail Polishes. And in case you might want to check them out, go visit Born Pretty Store and order yours now.

Review - Stone Sculpture Kingdom Website

The discount code I had in this post were provided by Stone Sculpture Kingdom. Though this is a sponsored post, all opinions stated here are mine and are 100% honest.

Hey everyone! Sorry for being MIA, just doing a few not important stuffs haha. Tonight I'm gonna do a blog post or a website review about Stone Sculpture Kingdom. Now if you haven't heard of them yet, I'll give you a small overview about their company.

As one of Africa's few Stone Sculpture Exporters, we are driven by an earnest passion and devotion to African Art which renders us unsurpassed by most.

Located in small town Chinhoyi (Zimbabwe), about 40km away from the Great Dyke - the oldest rock mass on earth which gives birth to rare stone types from which our sculptures are crafted from - we are dedicated to nurturing some of the best talent there is into realizing their full potential and reflecting this through each piece.

Screenshot of the Home Page

As you can see, the moment you open their website, you will already have an idea about the company. I like the way their website was lay outed because its so clean and easy to navigate.

On the left most side, you will see their menu bar. On the gallery page, you will have see the different products that they have to offer in different categories. 

Abstract Stone Sculpture Gallery Pieces
In essence, abstract art sculpture is an entirely intuitive type of art which allows the observer to interact with the sculpture in ways that traditional realism tends to discourage.
Here are my favorite abstract sculptures:

Now aside from the Abstract Sculptures, they also have Animal Sculptures, Contemporary Sculptures, Garden Sculptures, Miniatures, Shona and Wildlife Sculptures.

Being a lover of the environment, I personally love their Garden Sculpture Collections. They have a lot of different sculptures that you can choose to use in decorating your garden, may it be indoor or outdoor. They really have a lot of beautiful pieces, my favorites of which are shown below.

Really pretty right? Now aside from these pre made ones, they also have custom sculptures. You yourself can choose what type and what design your sculpture will have! Now that is just so cool ;)

And to celebrate their success, Stone Sculpture Kingdom has kindly offered my readers a coupon code. This 10% off coupon can be used on any stone sculpture that you will purchase and as with every sculpture this includes free international shipping. Quite a steal! So what are you waiting for? Head over to Stone Sculpture Kingdom and order your sculptures now!

 Get 10% Off your Sculptures!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com created by WebBizIdeas.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.

A Polished Saturday - NOTD for 06.25.2011

Okay so for this week, I tried to do some animal print related nail art because animal prints have become way popular. Remember my attempt on the leopard inspired nail art? Now I did some zebra inspired nail art =) 

 With flash...

Haha I know it should have a white nail polish as the base but duh? I like this color more, and I think it turned out pretty good, right?

The marks are not perfect, but I dont mind ;) Tell me if you want a tutorial, I'll be willing to provide one.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Girly Package Prize from Jennifer of Questjen

Today's post will be about a package that I got from Australia. If I'm not mistaken, this is my first ever package from the land down under. You could just imagine how happy I am to receive this package. I have little knowledge about Australia; all I know is that its somewhere below the Philippines (on the globe) and that it has lots of kangaroos? Haha 

So I guess you're wondering how I came to receive a package from Australia. If you are a beauty blogger, then you've prolly come across Questjen, an online blog run by Ms. Jennifer. She's actually one of my favorite bloggers and I always wait for new post from her because I enjoy reading them and I always learn something from her. Go check her out =) 

Anyways, back to the package... She recently had a blog giveaway last May to celebrate a lot of things, one of which was her 18th Birthday (Belated Happy 18th Birthday ^_^). There were four prizes which meant there will be four winners. Luckily, I won one of the four prizes which was the Girly Package which consists of cute girly accessories that I totally adore.

Picture of the prize as posted on Questjen :)

Prize 3 - Girly Package
~ Palmer's Cocoa Butter Body Gloss
~ My Accessory Artificial Nail Set in Petite
~ Pretty Floral Bow Pouch
~ Pink Drop Earrings
~ 2 Set of Stud Earrings
~ Bird and Cage Earrings
~ Heart and Key Necklace
~ Beaded Pearl Bracelet

And these are my photos of the items when it came. I instantly tried the accessories on and I was like "I wish I live there!". Hahaha Im such a sucker for cute accessories. And even though I don't get to wear them as often, I just love looking at them.

Jennifer also wrote me a letter which was very sweet of her. I think she always include a letter if she sends out something to other people. Sweet :>

She also had me smiling at the packaging. All in all, there were four wraps for the items :D I was happy that it was wrapped securely because the items were in perfect condition when I got them =)

The accessories were placed inside the pouch :)

Closer look at the design.

Haven't heard about body gloss, so this is a first for me.

Bracelet =)

Kawaii ^^ I really love the bow in this pouch!

And it has two sides ^^

And my most favorite part of the package, accessories <3

Love pink :)

Me wearing it on the right ear :P

Two pairs of earrings! I love the stud type earrings coz it looks so cool and the owl earrings are pretty girly.

Owl earrings ^^

Looking at this makes me want a second piercing :/

Bird and cage earrings :)

Closer Look...

Nice :] I wish my hair was curly something like this.

This necklace is now my favorite. I love the bird on the side portion.

All the items that I got from Jennifer :)

I hope Jenny doesn't mind me posting her note on my wall. haha It was only when I posted it on my wall that I realized that there are 2or 3 more pages in the note. All the while I was thinking it was only one page.

Once again, thanks Jen for this wonderful giveaway prize. You are so kind and generous, not to mention friendly too :) Would love to meet you someday.

And now, leaving you a funny picture of meh haha. Don't mind my expression lol.

 안녕 ^^