Monday, March 4, 2013

Cookie Monster

Mum went shopping for groceries the other day, and so I tagged along so that I can buy stuffs too. Shopped for like an hour and the only stuffs I got were cookies. Yeah, I think I'll get a cookie overload soon. Lol. Here's what I bought: 2 Quaker Mini Oat Cookies (Honey Nuts and Chocolate Chips) and a snack pack of Chips Ahoy Cookies.

I love eating biscuits and cookies, but not much on sweets. But I really love this chips ahoy so I disregarded my hate for sweet stuffs. Because honestly, who can say no to bite size chocolate chips? ^_0

I also wanted to try out eating oats, but can never get myself to eating pure oats for like breakfast or snacks. I know oats are healthy and blah, but its just not my type lol. So I decided to try out this mini oat cookies first to check if the taste will make me happy haha.

The first variant has chocolate chips too, and oat bits :p

And this has like pure oat taste, but with honey nuts.

In the end, I struggled to finish eating the quaker mini oat cookies cos they weren't delicious for me. Screw eating healthy, what good can it be if I cant enjoy my food?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. But I know I really have to start eating healthy soon. Yeah, soon, but not now :p

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Don’t Overpay for Quality Tattoo Guns

There are a ton of amateurs out there purporting to be tattoo artists.  Don’t be fooled and go to someone you’re going to regret.  And if you are one of those amateurs, stop ruining the art for the rest of us.  I’ve been a professional artist for years and it grinds my gears when someone opens shop next to me, claims to be a pro, and churns out just the worst, generic ‘art’ that I’ve ever seen.  I’m a pacifist, or I’d be a bit more up in their faces.  Anyway, you can tell by the equipment they use, oftentimes.  I only use the best professional tattoo kits and these little kids are using what looks like toy plastic stuff.  

Getting a good gun is not only about spending the most money, you can shop for discount tattoo supplies. Often they’re discounted not because they’re worse quality but maybe there’s an overstock, or you’re buying right from the manufacturer and you’re getting a wholesale price.  That’s the trick.  A good source for these types of bargains is, I’ve always been really happy with the supplies they’ve sold me.  That’s one of the reasons it’s so difficult to see these kids messing up so bad, it’s not like it’s that hard to do it right.  It’s an art that has to be done right by everyone who says they do it, or the entire industry loses its credibility and that affects me, and my colleagues who are actually doing quality work.  

We can’t be having that.  Now I’m not going to get into threatening or anything like that, but I’m not also going to tolerate this kind of shoddy work being written up as tattoo artistry.  I don’t want to start any wars, I’d really much rather help the young guys get better and be more pro.  But they have to want the help first.