Thursday, January 26, 2017

Peripera X Power Puff Girls Collab Haul

I'll have to be honest - asian beauty products have the cutest packaging ever! I am always on the look out for collaboration from Korean Brands as they never fail to make me go gaga over the kawaii things. Haha. Anyways, I've always been a fan or Peripera, mainly because Kim So Hyun is their endorser and I like her sooo much. And so when they release a Power Puff Girl collaboration, I knew my wallet's going to die.

This isnt a proper review, but I already got two items from the line. Its a cushion which I think is just the same as their normal cushion, except this one has Blossom's face on it. The other item that I got is a new variation of their Peri's Ink which is the Velvet Edition. I reckon this is a new shade as well as its not part of the original Velvet shades (I think?). Kawaii overload :3

Check out more photos below. I am still unable to sue them since I got them as I am not allowed to put any skin care or makeup at the moment as I just had another session of Fractional Needling Therapy, but reviews will follow soon. Enjoy!

This is the cushion in the shade of #2 Pink Beige. To be honest I dont know if this shade will suit my skin tone but I'll see.

Blossom!! :>

And this is the Peri's Ink Velvet in the shade of Celeb Rose. I had the Peri's Ink Moisture before and though the color comes off as too bold for my liking, it really stands up to its name of being moisturizing in the sense that my lips weren't dry at all. Now I'll see how this one fares.

Cutesy. Haha. Well, you just cant say no to such a cute face, can you? I still have other items up for posting so check out my next posts.