Monday, February 27, 2012

New NYX Lip Products

Last week I bought 2 new lip products from NYX. They were cheap, and I got them from the same seller that I purchased my first NYX products. This time, I bought the same products still but in different shades.

NYX Round Lipstick and Round Lipgloss

First item that I got is the NYX Round Lipstick in Chic. I wanted to try a pink lipstick because it seems to be the trend nowadays, but problem is I dont know how to apply it properly to achieve the shade that I want :3

Its really a pretty shade of pink, like bubble gum or something. Hmm next time I am going to get that shocking pink thing :D

And the other product I bought is a round lipgloss. Lipglosses are sticky but they really look cute and all so yeah, bought it :p

This one is in the shade of RLG 19 Apricot, and is a mix of pink and orange, cant decide which but the shade is really pretty in reality.

Hopefully when the camera is back I'll be able to review these products, and my other NYX lipstick :)

Super Junior CD

Finally blogger is back :3 Been down for days, or is it just my ISP? Lol anyways I missed all of you guys, and I hoped you haven't forgotten about me and my blog :)

Anyways I've got something to show to you.. Guess what? Taadah~ Super Junior CD :) Hehe I got it for free from LG Philippines.

So to start with, I am not really a kpop fan, addict or what. But don't get me wrong because I freaking love anything korean, from make up, cosmetics, actors, actress, kdramas and movies. I do listen to their music, and of course Sandara from 2NE1 used to be an actress here in the Philippines. But I am just not that hyped when it comes to kpop. But I do admit being a fanatic when it comes to dramas and movies O_< Haha.

At first I thought its just a CD. I have never bought an original CD (before maybe). But seriously, who buys CD nowadays when everything can be downloaded? And besides, this is the age of MP3 Players, ipod and all so yeah, I dont see the point in buying CDs at all. But I am happy to receive this CD for free, this is my first and I will definitely treasure it.

Aside from the CD, there's also a photo book or something included. The book has photos of all the members of Sup[er Junior, and I do not know anybody hahahaha shame :3 But as I browsed through, I felt familiar with the names as I have read about them from Facebook statuses of friends.

So enjoy the photo guys (though its not that high in quality).

And oh the CD, this is the one that I got. I dont know from what album it is because like I said I dont know anything about them haha.

Nice ehh? I hope I'll be able to get more free CDs in the future because I love looking at them :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Online Deals

I know most of us want to get products and services through deals and discounts so I'm going to share to you a few of those that I got or found online :)

Discounts =) Hehe I'm going to look for more and post it on my blog.

P.S. When my camera gets back, I will spam my blog with post >:)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Clipix: Organize Your Life with Style

The moment I have heard about the site, I immediately opened up an account and before I knew it, I was already addicted to it. I love to browse sites and look at photos for inspirations and ideas. Clipix really made it easier for me to track down photos that I want to save. Now, I only have to clip it on my board and I can view it anytime I want, anywhere.

Here's a screenshot of my boards. Currently, I have 6.

Clipix basically changed how I organize photos that I found on the internet. I love doing my nails and I always search the internet for designs. And now that I have clipix, I only have to clip photos I find on the internet and the moment I need to look at designs, I know where to find my collections.

I also love browsing for fashion outfits. I like to take inspirations from bloggers and fashionista worldwide and try to incorporate their fashion ideas in my daily outfits. With clipix, all I have to do is clip a photo that I stumble upon online and when its time for me to look at what I have clipped, I just look at my board and they are all organized there.

Shopping has also been easier because I just clip the stuffs that I am saving as a wish list and when I am ready to make a purchase, I just look at the list of what I have clipped on my Wish List Board.

For those of you who are iPhone users, you can also clip photos using your mobile phone because there's already a Clipix for iPhone App. Great, isn't it?

Clipix is really an easy way to organize files. Since it can be customized, it will be easier for you to remember stuffs. You can add as many boards as you want, and as many clips as you want too. You can also share the fun to your friends by sharing them on your Facebook and Twitter. And there's also an option for you to share your clips to the public or privately, depending on your preference. If you want to know more about this amazing site, then check out this video on Youtube.

So you see, Clipix is more than just clipping and saving photos, but it is also a very great way of organizing your lifestyle and daily routine. I would highly recommend you try and sign up for a Clipix account and for sure, you'll be hooked to it. I am personally enjoying clipping photos that I would want to save for future uses. How about you guys? How are you going to use clipix?

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Yellow Kitty

Ive never been a fan of french tips. For me I feel like my nails are naked, and I don't like to see my nails naked. But every time I see girls with french tips, their hands look really clean and classy and pretty so I thought maybe I should give it a try..

So using the nail polishes that I recently bought, I created a nail art which I never thought would look so adorable :)

Presenting my nails for this week~ Yellow Kitty ^_^ Haha lame name I know. But I think it is really cute, and I love the yellow against the pink bow.

Like I said, I hate the thought of naked nails so I used a glitter nail polish which is transparent to paint my nails. As for the tips, I used a yellow nail polish. I really suck at painting so the tips might not look good. To add details, I added black dots on the tips and stuck a cute pink bow on the side.

These cute Hello Kitty Bow Stickers by the way are sold on Born Pretty Store for only $2.88. If you would buy it, pls use the coupon code JELL73 to give you a 10% discount, free shipping :)

Now I feel like my nails are as pretty as those girls too~! Hahaha. I think Im going to do another french tip inspired nail art next week. It is really fun and less of a hassle to do because I only have to paint on the tips.

February Purchases

Happy LOVE Month! A happy greeting.. but still it doesn't change a thing that I am loveless on love day. HAHAHA *u* But anyways, I can always have fun with shopping so I'll show to you a few bits of what I got early this February. These are form Watsons by the way. Lately I find myself shopping there because its easy to navigate through the stuffs and also because they have international brands too.

Just a few stuffs

I was on a hunt for a new toner as I have just finished my last one when I saw this on their Best Seller section. I haven't heard of this product or the brand, but since it looks cute so I grabbed it.

Its a cleanser and a moisturizer but I don't really put moisturizer because its usually hot here and I feel like its making my face heavier because of the sweat plus heat.

I also bought 2 new nail polishes because it has a been like a month since I last did my nails. The reason for my "No Nail Art Days" was because I have been formatting and fixing computers and I don't want to damage my newly decorated nails so I just left it plain and dirty >_O Trust me, it was really a pain to see my nails so dirty but I had to resist from painting them because it would just go to waste.

I also got a new replacement for my pencil eyeliner. This one is from a local brand called Ever Bilena. I wanted to try gel eyeliner for sometime but I am still unsure as to what brand I'm going to choose so for the meantime I'll just stick with the pencil ones.

This herbal soap is a local product which I think is being endorsed by our local DOH. It says its for skin whitening. Hmm I need this to whiten myself lol lol ^_^

And this, is the reason why I went shopping. I really don't know what toner to buy but when I saw this on the shelf, I decided to pick it up. Kojie-san is a Japanese brand I think? And I have heard about the soap from this brand. I have used it last year but I forgot about it because I keep on changing soaps every time I see a new one. Silly me. This time I am going to stick with this product till the end just like my previous toner.

I also saw products from Pure Beauty (am I right?). I have heard that its a korean product. I wanted to buy one of the cleansers but upon reading the back blahs I got discouraged because it seems to focus on the words "removing make-up" which is not something that I need because I barely wear make up. Maybe next time I'm going to pick up a bottle after I finish a few of my products.

And thats it. I hope to be able to put up a review on these products by next month or when I notice a change while using the items. Have a nice day! :)

Earthquake in Cebu, February 6, 2012

Okay so I just want to say that an earthquake has recently hit Cebu and in my 20+ years of existence, this is my first time to experience it and I didn't expect that it would be like this. I guess it really true when they say that you won't know the extent of something unless you yourself have experienced it. I was shaking because I was scared that the computer might blow up because everything was shaking and there is that weird noise, plus the electricity went off and an evil kid said its the end of the world. HAHA like duh? But anyways, I am happy to have experienced this. I just hope that nobody got hurt, and that my parents and little sister in Tacloban City are okay.

Please keep us safe Jesus :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another Way to Earn Money While Blogging

I have been doing freelance writing for years already and I am proud to say that stuffs I own (mostly gadgets, clothes, shoes, etc) are bought using the money I earn from these part time jobs. Aside from that, I am also a member of many earn money while blogging sites and believe me, these things really do pay off. Not only do I enjoy what I am doing but at the same time I am also earning.

Now recently from Jenn of EdenFantasys has been contacting me for an opportunity. If you've heard about this site, then you pretty much know that they are an adult online store. But don't get me wrong, because if you try to browse through the site you'll find that its more than just the adult stuffs because they are now selling bath & body products, cosmetics, skin care and perfumes. I am truly excited to try out the newest addition to their online site.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store What I like the most about their blogging opportunity is that we, bloggers, are still given the freedom to write what we want and how we want it. But of course there will always be some rules and guidelines, just that. This will be my official first entry for them, and I hope this is just the start of a new blogging experience for me.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Boys Over Flowers Kissing Star Necklace

Yep, finally got one :) Teehee :@ Although this is just a cheaper version, I don't think there's much of a difference over the expensive ones. Here's a photo of the Kissing Star Necklace as seen in the super popular Korean Drama Boys Over Flowers.

I bought mine on ebay for a very reasonable price last Christmas, and I am very happy now that I have it.

Here are more shots of the Kissing Star Necklace.. Enjoy ~


It has rhinestones too so its sparkles a little when light flashes. Its not that sparkly but its really pretty in person. The details are just so perfect.

Now that I have this, I feel like I am Geum Jan Di wearing this necklace given by Goo Jun Pyo <3 HAHAHA *in my dreams* lol I might as well call myself Jel Di. Haha :p

I am loving Korean drama memorabilia like necklaces and I currently have my eyes set on the necklaces from He's Beautiful and 49 Days. I might get the one from He's Beautiful first because its cheaper than the Teardrop Necklace from 49 Days. Also I am thinking of getting that necklace from Heartstrings and the Crown Necklace from Princess Hours. Argh so many stuffs to buy, so little money *poor me* I hope that I get to have them soon :)